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incompetent at best, scammers at worst, which is it, trannies?

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Ironically, this fiasco is actually bullish because it specifically highlights why LINK is needed
Ah who am i kidding this piece of shit is over

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>and we made more money than any of those "qualified" traders

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>If buffet was starting out today he'd literally be a broke incel

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>more deflecting
>proves me right
>still refuses to answer
Listen to me, shithead.
To anyone that isn't you this is an extremely simple question. Do you know what the CIA is? Executive agencies under federal jurisdiction are founded on action. There's a definitive reason for every one to exist.
I'm gonna ask you this question again, and like I said last time, do not bother replying to this post if it's not an answer, since you and I both know it's just gonna some bullshit.
What does the CIA do? I fucking bet you won't answer.

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I cashed out > 10% of my stack at $20k, the rest is gravy. Eat my ass, fucking incel freak.

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They don't understand it nor do they care to. Words like crypto, blockchain, market cap, difficulty, pullback and the like are AM radio noise to them.
>tfw trying to explain Chainlink to mommy
>tells me she doesn't care and gives me $6k to buy in

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