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years posters will suffer for eternity

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silence glowie

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Tbh, I think the fake "pump", will be a heavy red dildo followed by a big green, it'll stay the same price at the end.

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Yes, in instances where people had access to gold, silver, or currencies backed by them while they were inside a nation that was experiencing hyperinflation. Wiemar Germany is the classic example, as people with access to real money could buy out the desperate normies for paltry sums since they were desperate to get anything that traded. And once things re-stabilized, the guys doing the buying suddenly owned lots of property, farms, factories, all purchased on fire sale.

You buy gold to protect your time-value, sure. But if you're young you buy it not to hedge against inflation, but to get your pound of flesh during monetary failures.

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>everyone is going to use their parents to make an account. i'm sure we've all done it at some point, lol.
Go be an underage faggot somewhere else

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Volcker was the brass-balled chainsaw wielding maniac we needed in the 1970s. He burned away all the malinvestment and paved a way to the boom of the 80s. I want a silver kilo with his face on it.

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the Invisible Enemy

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