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>In ancient times, oracles were people who acted as intermediaries between humans and the gods, providing knowledge and guidance.
I prefer the Egyptian style of Oracle.
Same idea but without the person.
>An oracle was a request to a deity to answer some practical question through its public statue.
>Oracles were most effective when a "yes-no" question was asked. Questions could include "who has done or will do something", or "what are the chances for achieving this plan."
>Kings were chosen, nobles were appointed, thieves made to confess their guilt, legal disputes settled, crops were planted, sometimes by the "yes" or "no" from the Deity of choice.
>To be successful, the oracular process had to be carried out without any influence along the route. Therefore the path had to be carefully prepared and protected, in order to be pure.
>Not all Egyptians took their oracles as truth the first time. One man who was a thief consulted three oracles hoping to find at least one who would possibly declare him innocentbut alas, he finally had to admit his guilt.

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