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She won't be interested in any of us unless we can build our own imperial harems.

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Yes it's a bubble.
But it's an iron bubble that globohomo exists to protect. The housing bubble will pop only when fate ushers in a new era. We may not live to see it.

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I'm 30 and nobody will date me because I'm broke.

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I used to be the cutie working at a restaurant.
Girls would eye me up, and order sex on the beach suggestively.
Maybe bartenders just get automatic pussy cred, but I was such a complete unimaginable sperg that I would just say "th-thanks" and usually fuck up mixing the cocktail. So I never flirted or even smiled at those girls.

Only got the job because my dad wanted me out of the house and new the owner.
The most cringy summer of my life for sure.

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This is psychological warfare against the nuclear family.

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I sold half my LUNC, sorry bros.

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Inflation will eat savings at the same time.
It seems the only options are gamble or consoom.

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True but everyone else is using fiat right now, which is why crypto doesn't hedge inflation well. You have to cash out for most things.

>luxury goods
Okay but that's not conducive to widespread use of a currency. Right now it's basically a gimmick for yuppies to use future money on future stuff.
Not to mention the price of the luxury goods is affected by inflation from the various stages of production.

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>Alicia is INFJ like me
Where do I find women like this?

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>anarchist jew sticks a crucifix on his book cover and wants people to stop working so they can depend on state money
It's all so tiresome.

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I lost my virginity yesterday and I barely felt it and was awkward as hell. Couldn't even coom.

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I think a girl loves me but I don't love her back.
I'm not sure I'm capable of love, so maybe I should settle with her.

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But real money still has no real use case.
Normies will sell their crypto to try and maintain their standard of living.

I don't see this ending well.

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That was me when Garbage Don was 1.30. I should have sold. God willing SIGA brings me back into 6 figures. Congrats anon

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I enjoy my job and the people, but the pay is low.
If I find a "better" job, I worry I won't be happy.

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>only bought 200 of them

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