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That's too complicated for most of /biz/.

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...if only there was a way...

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You could've used this neat trick to maximize your profits.

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>t. seething baggie/redditor

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oh dear

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>implying the price doesn't fall after the Stoch RSI has been topped
check any chart newfag, any asset, it's the same the other way as well; every time the Stoch RSI has been bottomed the price then goes up aftwards

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There's nothing more pathetic than people who can't into Stoch RSI, and instead cry about it.
Picrel is Stoch RSI in bull market mode.
Simply use the Stoch RSI according to whether we're in a bull market or bear market, treat it accordingly and trade accordingly, and think logically, and then you have one of the most powerful indicators in existence and oftentimes the only one you need.

But alas, that's too difficult for most people. Especially for topbuying bagholders in a bear market, since they can't think straight due to their bags clouding their judgement and their feelings interfering with their thought processes.

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