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what the fucking fuck.
a tranny cow. z trannies literally forcing memes with a tranny cow. The text is some font my sister uses for her powerpoint slides at school.

Imagine. Someone sat. Spent 40 mins to compile those pics. and was like... "yeaaah, that looks great".

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She fucks niggers, and is a degenerate in general. I would honestly prefer if she was a man, as then she wouldn't be such a terrible fucking example for all women.

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You know I take a whole lot of shit for being Californian, but we don't have anything close to this bad.

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God I hate cruise ships. For the price of putting myself on one of those goyim barges I could just charter a sailboat for a week.

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There is only one question that matters. How do I make money without it being stolen by the Jew?

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>Gen Z

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$1000 for TFSA, what do I buy, niggatello?

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