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They are but the autistic kind NOT the kind who describes the work they are supposed to ensure the quality of "impressive" while they brag about working while the sun beams onto their laptop screen. If IT was just full of autistic people all the problems within it would be solved immediately.

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You morons having memes READY only shows the preparedness and flimsy, wet tissue paper thin veneer of your narrative.
It's cute. Not selling.
Now for memes to show up during todays trial literally mid trial as if they were prepared, like they were yesterday.
It's all a fucking headache, cause it's like getting screamed at by the mentally handicapped, No one takes it seriously, but you have to acknowledge it or someone might treat it like people.

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ditto, sold at 2x when it hit $3

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God I am so fucking sick about trannies, dicks, and getting cucked by BBC jesus christ get better(read: less gay) fetishes.

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So all this kyc shit can suck my balls.

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>People who fail in the United States amaze me. I make $78k a year
Great anecdotal evidence, dumbass.

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>LMAO! I listen to Schiff, and he's retarded about the deficit spending. He's right on principle but it's autistic and unworkable given the current state of affairs.

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It doesnt matter. None of this matters

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>All of you is all over LINK

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>the scam company with no product and photoshopped pictures of a 12th gen F150 is still pumping
I hate this game.

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>ywn be a loli stock market guru

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you're retarded if you think we aren't aware of our degenerate gambling in stonks

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>tfw bought in at $32

I could have used that money to buy more ETH.

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