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I had around $2000 worth in staking and only had to pay $80 in gas. Better than waiting until it goes to zero.

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I have developed a system to gauge support of waifucoins on here, should it be implemented it will greatly increase the efficacy of creation and chance of success.
>Anons post stack with timestamp to verify it's them
>Post what coins they would be willing to purchase, can also be up to a max number of dollars since we don't know the official rate
>Post state / country they live in in case shipping comes into the equation
We will, of course, have to have a list, maybe a pastebin, of all waifucoin ideas, this comes first. These will be posted uniformly, numbered, for ease of entering a spreadsheet. Leave blank if you want none of one design. You will post a nickname so it can be entered into the spreadsheet of the anon ordering the coins and he'll save your stack picture with your nickname in a folder to keep everything in order and prevent rigging of votes. Observe.

>Max I can spend is 500, calculate this when you've gotten your final production cost number and I will order up to my max when I write -max
>Nickname rhenium bro
>1. Chencoin - max
>2. Mikucoin - 5
>4 GUP yukari / panzer 4 coin - max
>6. Yotsubacoin - max
>New york, united states
In the real post, of course, I would post my timestamped stack, but with this format it will gaugue support and make sure people are actually willing to buy before we commit to the design. This will not be posted anywhere else when deciding what coin to make, as /pmg/ is the most important part here. If enough support is not received then we'll search for support from other sites, but the vote here is what decides what is made and other sites are only used to get up the final bit of funds afterwards.

I would also like to remind everyone that we need at least a minimal level of support from anyone who can buy, so even if your coin doesn't win at least buy a few of them to help us, if even one project doesn't succeed it will hamper future waifucoin developments.

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Get in now before it's too late.

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Unironically just bought 10k more

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Cheers anon

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Here's an easy guide on how to make it.
Step 1: Do NOT do your own research
Step 2: Buy coins based on memes
Step 3: ???
Step 4: State mandated girlfriends.

Hope this helps.

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fucking kek i love u guys

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>link news


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buy southern company, another dividend aristocrat

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ex camwhore afterpartyy. have lots of pics from dubai u do the math

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hows 2000 end of march sound

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I'm green on the 24h. Guess what coin

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triggered snowflake?
I've made LITERALLY hundreds of dollars with
stay mad faggot.
and remember.
I'm NEVER selling!

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nu wont crab but it will drop

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bought at 2 dollars

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My social credit score dropped below 0 because I said the holocaust never happened too many times.
fuck kikes and FUCK jannies

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>Why waste our time?
You weren't actually supposed to watch the whole thing anon, it's just me trying to show the confused black woman / normie demographic. Your fault you wanted to sit there and watch a 10 minute long video on it.
that being said it's fun, you watch them learn the basics of something you learned in about 10 seconds and it's spread out into a 10 minute video. You see the gears turning, it's like watching a poorly maintained mixing bowl try to stir concrete. They even made a nifty little display for the confused black woman to make it easier for her to understand and she just stands there listening to them babble for ten minutes then just says "ok I agree." We have the retarded nigger normie demographic and that's really all you need. Those guys probably felt GREAT flexing their general level silver knowledge on a dumb negress.
To draw a better analogy it's like watching someone fry an ostrich egg nigger style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJz2Tgt3jvs

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I'm holdin lad

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Get in here frens!
I have an announcement to make!

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>still up 86% this week

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