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>What the fuck do I do?
>I need to recoup my investment fast and make rent this month.
The good thing about crypto is that you decide what price you sell it at.
So if you need the price to be $1 per token in order to break even, set your sell price at $1.
If you sell it for what you paid for it, you literally can't lose money by selling it for a loss!

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That's what I don't get.

They're built poorly,
They look outdated and old,
The software is glitchy,
And they're built poorly

They paved the way for mainstream EV adoption, and were instrumental in demonstrating that an EV could be an actual daily driver for people.
But there are SOOO many better options now, from actual carmakers, who actually know how to make good cars.

Honestly I can't believe these banks even loaned Musk money with Tesla stock as collateral. I'd say there's a good chance that company implodes over the next few years. They're on a fast track to become irrelevant in the EV car market.

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