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>All these newfags who think OP is real and not a nolinker discord tranny demoralizer

You are all going to be slaughtered when the bear run happens.

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>i don't give a fuck about decentralization. i care about speed and price of transactions.
Then just use a CEX.

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>entering into a one sided contract with a roastie and the (((state)))
>getting yourself another piece of paper for a false sense of security
>making sure you will be a cuck and be raising Chad's children rather than your own

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>meme coin
Ya, there's your problem. Admitting that to a bunch of autists who already knew this isn't good. Maybe go shill this on reddit, I hear they have diamond hands and the ability to dump life savings, take out personal loands, etcc.

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How? Just how? lol.
BTC is up 20% on the week, 40% on the month and 300% on 6 months. Even if you add the bear market years I think it averages 80% a year worst case scenario. Stop trading you suck at it.

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>"hurry up and get in before you miss it!"
what did the pajeet mean by this?

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>Fucking DOGECOIN up 900% in 24 hours for literally no reason
And newfags say its impossible for link to reach $1000

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those fucking retards where shorting GME at 100% short interest.. fucking retards.. how can somebody be so fucking stupid

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Avoid them.

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>no anime

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LMAO get a load of this kid
Muh TA for crypto markets

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not this shit again

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The entire basis of flexing is social signaling meaning you are doing it to show status, the only reason you do it excessively is if you are insecure about your status and use it as a means to reassure yourself. Why would you even waste your time flexing if you didn't care about other people thought, that is paradoxical. I certainly hope you are a teenage zoomer because it would be really embarrassing if you were an adult with such a juvenile perspective.

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>posts a link to the first general thread with date in archive
>somehow claims its not the real date

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>5 squares isn't even enough for a single shit...

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did the fucking guy at WHO conference say that not only is it the first pandemic but the first one they will be able to contain?? lol wut??

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he's right you moron.. if you're selling a contract then you are short that contract..

buying a put DOES NOT add to short interest!!

holy fuck pick up a book kid

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you're still replying to me??

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If women are paid less for the same work, why dont companies just hire women to lower costs?

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>goes on and on about how shitty something is
>can't offer a better solution


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Why is craig doing this to his bag holders?

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