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You're a schizo freak and I don't care what you do, dude. If you have that much trouble not touching your pp every time someone posts boobies, you've got serious mental issues and self control issues.

Seek help immediately.

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People (rightfully) think everything posted on /biz/ is a pump & dump, and lots of BAT threads do come off scammy. The whole nature of BAT (getting paid to browse online) feels scammy and puts midwits and brainlets off.

oldschool /biz/raelis have done their own research and will continue to hold projects they know aren't scams. Redditors and other newfags will continue to buy the top and then get left holding bags. If someone has been around on /biz/ for even just a year, they should be able to discern BAT isn't a scam, or they're a fucking brainlet and deserve to stay poor.

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>25M MAU is a nice milestone regardless

gotta look at the positives. BAT should have a good run soon. If not, it's fucking doomed.

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Honestly don't even know anymore, but it's definitely below 28 cents. Probably hovering around 20 cents at this point. I'm close to a 50k stack but don't really feel inclined to buy anymore BAT at this point.

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I think you're absolutely right, and I know the team thinks that too. They're definitely trying to overcome legal issues/scaling issues to bring that kind of utility to BAT, there's no other explanation for the delay in that kind of utility.

For example I know they've talked about the BAT-for-paywall stuff before. It has to be in the works, there are probably bullshit legal/regulatory issues in the way that prevent it from being a thing already (along with development shit, obviously). I don't know, it just seems way too obvious to not be developed already by the BAT/Brave team, so I imagine there's something preventing it

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Ok, that actually helps explain my question in >>25903525 . That all sounds extremely bullish and all, but it's still vaporware at the moment.

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Not going to be able to shill it as well as the guy I saw shilling it, so I'm not going to try. The gist of it is that it reminds me of PLTR. Do with that what you will.

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this was meant for >>24716884

selling at 20 cents or 17 cents, who fucking cares dude lol. This shit is going nowhere fast, just buy back in in a year when it's 20 cents again? who fucking cares

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feels good man

>used to fuck DD's on the reg
>married a woman with itty bitty titties

you feel one big booba you've felt 'em all bros, highly overrated

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>woah, very nice, jut bought 100k

top lol

gotta be Allen. It just looks the most professional all around.

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>PLTR meme is dying down

Reddit literally found out about it last week. It's getting a second wind.

The THCB shill in this thread grew on me. Everything he said made sense. When I found out he's German and not a pajeet/chink, I was pretty much sold.

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A while ago. But 4chan's enthusiasm for meme picks seems more authentic, while rebbit's seems arrogant, ignorant and always feels like they're LARPing.

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I tested positive for it today too lel. It's not a big deal. People were seriously duped by this whole thing.

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It's always so funny that normal functioning people are deathly afraid of incels. Like when the Hillary campaign labeled pepe the frog a "hate symbol"

on another note, online culture and leftist social-ideals have never gone together, especially not on 4chan. I think lefties inherently dislike any sort of online forum where they can't control what people can say or think

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>Its very scary

Huh. See, I've flown across the country multiple times since March, I've traveled to several different states, and I've been working in office since June. I could not be less afraid of the spooky cold, amigo. You're projecting.

>There will be tens if not hundreds of thousands of people disabled for life before this is over

You're a freak, you can't be saved. Anyways, I'll just continue living my life as normal and there's nothing you can do to stop me. Enjoy your schizophrenia man.

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yeah pretty much this. Price actually does matter in crypto. It matter a fucking lot. It essentially is the sole determination of a crypto-project's success, as sad as that is, it's the truth. BAT hovering at 20 cents for 4 years is a failure, plain and simple

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Yeah, this. Glad someone else feels the same way. Does literally nothing to help me focus, just keeps me slightly more awake (and restless/uneasy) throughout the day.


I used to take Phenibut. It was bizarre because sometimes it made me feel awesome, kind of drunk but happy, social situations became a lot smoother. Most of the time it really did fuck all though.

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I use Brave browser, earn some passive BAT from that.

I've earned various crypto on Coinbase learn.

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I threw together a nice even 1,000 stack and it's such a clean number that I'm not sure if I want to keep accumulating

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Two biggest issues I see with the LINK team are that
1) They are not being held accountable by anybody that can HOLD them accountable; and
2) they're not transparent in their finances, at all. Example, they're selling off massive LINK batches without any sort of public announcement.

That being said, if they can keep the price of 1 LINK pumping, then it doesn't really matter. But seriously how many Devs are even working on LINK these days? How is it going to become ETH/BTC without devs?

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1) that would be Uphold asking for that information, not Brave;
2) Brave still isn't collecting your personal data in any way shape or form, especially not recording your browsing history; and
3) KYC is necessary in the United States for legally withdrawing cryptocurrency/"cashing out".

So yeah, Brave isn't going to allow illegal activity via the browser just so some retarded pajeets can cash out their $4.37 in BAT. Better luck next time

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Sadly anything "self reflective" about 4chan or any attempt to dive into 4chan culture in any meaningful way it usually pretty cringe. This movie probably will be too, can't see it going any other way.

Most outsiders don't really get it or something, and there are too many subcultures within boards to really ever describe 4chan accurately.

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Fuck it, know what? just bought some Gilead stock as well. That MDRNA play that Anon originally suggested has turned out nice so why the fuck not

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Sounds like you need to keep your job. Besides, having two sources of income is infinitely better than having one. On top of all that, the "benefits" involved in having a real job often make it worth it for that reason alone.

You have the privilege of knowing you can get away with a lot more at work because if you get fired, your other job will lighten the blow. I would treat your MMO job as your "real job" and just take it easy at your "IRL" job, but do the bare minimum to keep them both going.

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