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I can relate to your vice of drinking, sounds like it's worse for me though, I usually end up having 7-10 drinks on a friday night and stay up until 5 or 6am doing stupid shit on my computer, really bad habit that I've cut down a good bit over the years, but when it happens my work schedule and fitness routine is ruined for a few days at least, it's a cycle of stress buildup and release

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>another red day

I cant take much more bros, theres no good news

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>muh diversity

when will it end

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can crypto repair my dopamine receptors

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>tfw even the ugliest man of uganda outperformed me
come on, why am i still alive, there is literally not a single reason at this point

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i always thought Wojak is moving closer to the light in that image. Now i realize that he is moving away from the light, he stands on the back of a boat.

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invested in crypto in december 2017
also made the mistake to buy REQ, ICX and XRB at the top.
all i have left now is 1.2k LINK
i could have had 10k at least, but i invested in the worst time possible, made the worst investing mistakes possible and had not much money to begin with because immediately before investing i got a genetic illness that drained my wallet (and before you tell me 'lol american healthcare everyone' - i am not american, i am german. thanks useless and expensive healthcare system. einigkeit und recht und freiheit für das deutsche lutscherland)

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I stopped going on dates a year ago, because I never feel any connection and can't stay aroused long enough for sex. Please just kill me now and end my lonely existence.

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>down 60% on HEXO
Should I just cut my losses now?

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Go to a chiropractor!
I have constant vertigo since 5 weeks and i will graduate next tuesday.
i wanted to travel to Japan for 4 weeks to celebrate my graduation but in my current state i cant travel. im going mental over here.
i never traveled my entire life and now that i finally had the japan trip in sight i get this shit and cant move anymore without getting vertigo from it. i want to punch a hole into the wall.
got my inner ear checked but everything is fine.
i know that its something with the spine.
i had hypermobility in my spine all my life and got back adjustments multiple times.
visited a chiropractic already but he didnt listen to me and was compeltely incompetent.
i know that the vertigo is related to the first two spines of the cervical spine. he didnt even look at it.

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Either Chainlink goes above 10$ by the end of this month or I am going to kill myself. I cant take it anymore.
I need medical treatment. I cant take the pain anymore. You guys told me $1000 in 2018.
I invested in january 2018. I made a nice ROI.
But its not nearly what was promised. I need much more to get my health in order.
If Chainlink isnt reaching 10$ by end of november i swear to god i jump in front of a train

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Link fudders are the lowest scum of the earth. You'll never get my Link from me, you God damn faggots. What part of NEVER SELLING don't you get?

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this is not fair bros.
first i got JUSTd because i only bought 2K which means i have a poorfag stack because i played it safe
now i will get double JUSTd if i cant stake

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i just called my boomer parents to hear what theyve been up to, and they are unironically in the casino, after they were on a cruise for the last 2 weeks.
they make sure not a single cent will be left for my sister and me
and the worst part is, they didnt even earn this wealth themselves (they lived in the easiest time ever but they still managed to piss all their money away), they are spending the money they received by putting my grandparents into retirement homes and then selling their houses.
boomers are unironically demons, they arent human at all

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Lost another 9k because everytime I go to make a trade I get royally fucked over. Think I'm going to get some helium to make some nice balloons.. to inhale

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>tfw I knew this exact feel once

Goddammit I would do anything to get her back

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every day is exactly the same, what's the point

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>look at link wallet
>4 digit link wallet
>"hey, don't feel so bad"
>"top 5000 wallet anon"
>must mean that my IQ is somewhere between 0 and 200
>"takes money to make money"
>only $370 and I'll be more or less free(er)
>my freedom and self worth depends on numbers assigned to me by external authorities which want to extract as much time and energy away as possible
>"keep going, you're almost there"
>100% all in LINKmarine drns
>lurk through the threads anon
>some anons have over 1 million Link
>chest hurts
>constantly becoming more aware that I'm going to die
>Another drns thread
when does it stop? why aren't humans tripping the fuck out at what the fuck the universe is, you are literally the size of a proton compared to outerspace, what is a proton to the universe? where's the universe ? literally nobody even knows where we are. Holographic clownworld

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>Got lucky with some real estate

Swear to god if I hear this bs one more time...

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>$1000 eoy

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>thought about mining BTC for fun as a kid

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The last time Bitcoin aka Bigcoin was big is when it was $16,134.83, then it all came crashing down somewhere in the summer of 2018. So is it all a failure or not?

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>Fomo'd at 10 5k

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