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is the wait over...

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The second we switched to fiat was the second we were screwed.

Here's a little tip if youre from the US. The country known as the USA hasn't existed since the 1870s. We've been a united corporation owned by City of London Bank - which is owned by Jews. To speed up their takeover they hid over on boats to the US, the started a market crash where they then lobbied that the only way to save America was to give it another central bank. Since then we've been working on a system that demands you be in debt. It's a death system, It's going to spiral and theres nothing we can do about it.

Think about it:
>Fiat dollar propped by debt
>Government then demands to take your money for retirement for "your own safety, goy"
>We're fucking stock. And we're too stupid to realize.

Every time I hear somebody screams about but "Muh social security," I liken it to them stabbing me in the back and then crying from the pain cause their hands are a little dry.

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sorry for you loss anon.
fomo sucks.

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how do I actually do that? have the same problem with videogames, even if I stop my brain is just "melted"

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>Even the linklets will be better off than them

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You're gonna make it with 100 ETH and 1 BTC.
Hold, ignore the buzz for 5 years, retire. This simple.
Stock to Flow is real and BTC will reach aprox 400-500k USD by 2025, ETH will reach close to 10k until then. Hold strong anons.

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Was talking with a few newfriends last night and said I would post one basic process for secure cold wallet generation and storage. There are many other ways, maybe even better ways, but this is one basic method outlined for total noobs on how to securely generate keys offline and store them for worst case scenarios. (IE you will have a physical backup of your seedphrase that is more durable than paper)

You will need:
USB flash drive
Etcher - (etcher.net)
Latest version of TAILS (tails.boum.org)
Alphanumeric punches (amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZFB5J15)
Steel blanks (amazon.com/gp/product/B0854GCPSM)

So first you're going to do a full format on your USB drive. Obviously this will wipe it so back up anything you want to keep. After format, download etcher portable and the latest image of TAILS from their respective websites. Etcher is fairly self explanatory, select the drive, select the TAILS image and let it go to work. When it's done, your USB drive is now essentially a closed, amnesic OS that you will use to boot your system. This will ensure that nothing you do while working in TAILS will be saved in your PCs memory or logs in any form. (There is some debate about this but 99.99% secure)

With your TAILS USB created, you need to get to boot selection on your PC. Some PCs do this differently, some will auto boot from external drives if detected but generally (depending on mfg) there is a keypress that enables boot mode. ESC, F8, F11, F12 etc... Jump online and find the appropriate key and then restart your machine and enter boot selection. Boot from USB and TAILS should start loading up. It does have some compatibility issues so it doesn't work with EVERY PC but I would say it works with most.

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No... as a realize the material can never hold my soul hostage!

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Thanks fellas, we're still gunna make it!

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>You follow based christian ethics
>This earns you excess wealth
>You owe God's sheep 10%

The inescapable repeating Goyim trap.

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Thank God.

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comfiest place on the internet right now

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I don't believe you

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aw shucks, OP

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2 in the year above me at my school founded Gymshark and have a net worth of £700mil

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Drunkanon here. Yes I am, fren

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I said this on pol and I’ll say it again - this shit bothered me. If this doesn’t stir something inside you, you might be a lizard person. I’ve seen tons of gore and other horrendous shit, but something about this felt different. Yeah, yeah he’s a commie. Great. Fantastic. Yes, I hate communists. But I still don’t want human beings blowing their faces apart. Just generally fucking sad at the current state of the world. Biz bros plz don’t an hero, not matter how many red dildos we take. I like you faggots. We’re all gonna make it.

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same... im still a virgin and saving myself for the right girl but so many are rotten

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