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You are idealizing what life actually is. Kids are hyperactive adhd-riddled brats, now programmed from as soon as they're able to hold an ipad. Your wife will get bored of you in three years and you of her. You are torturing yourself over something that does not exist, at least not for any meaningful length of time.

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The hair makes it impossible to fully wipe

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Unfourtunetly no, I'm way too spoiled by Central Valley cooking.

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Why AMD red? Why my stocks red?

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golden retrievers, labs, german shepherds or any other "family" dog

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>Nada mi amigo, y tu?

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This...may be our last chance

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>am i the normies

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When will Bitcoin be under $1000 again?

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Sold my shares. Sorry bros, I got bored and had already realised a 300% gain. Maybe I dip my feet back in later if it dips.

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The ultimate tip, which no one here has the balls to give you... Buy high, sell higher.

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>keep shorting GME since $35
>finally paying off

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I'm really lonely guys

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Unfathomably based.
Gold & silver = freedom
fiat currencies = slavery
We all are slaves in the current system, and the veil is finally lifting on our condition since the (((elite))) agenda for world domination is getting so blatant by the day, they are getting more arrogant about it, now they -almost- entirely reached their end goal : a worldwide communist NWO, united under the ruling of a tiny supra-elite and serving the unique master : the Synagogue of Satan, who can steal, murder and cheat at will. Where the propaganda is so constant, so deeply seeded in the minds that it became an absolute religion impossible to contest. A conspiracy so vast, so monolithic, so ancient, so evil it defy the mind of 99.99% of the global population.

This is the reality we live in. Literally matrix-tier level. And here we are, few resistants with our shiny rocks. Holding a gold or silver coin is literally a revolutionary act at this point :
>I refuse this clownworld, i went out of your demiurgic fake-reality grotto, and now i remember what was always valued to measure the freedom of men : willpower and PMs.


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> Check top spot for binance gainers list.
>Buy as soon as the top spot changes to another shitcoin
>Gain 10%

Ive turned 900 into 3k doing this. Is it really this easy bros?

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thanks fren, you too

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>mass vaccination in january-february, with distribution of good goy cards if you took the jab
>late february : second shot
>march/april : all public spaces/grocery stores/workplaces/etc.. get equipped with a good goy card reader, you can't go in without it
>june : new (((bad coof))) get released, called covid-21, much more deadly, since the virus mutated the previous vaccin is now useless
>need for a new vaccin, magically ready in 2 months
>economy go down the absolute drain, no more stimulus, landlords start to evict en masse
>as the BIS stated this week, "it will be time to let the solvabity rule in early Q2", ie all little businesses go bankrupt
>july : new strain of covid-21 also affect animals, mass massacre of cattles, chicken etc...
>massive shortage of meat, eggs, milk
>price of food is going parabolic
>le "eat ze bugs" narrative taking place
>august : constant lockdown, 40% unemployment, countries start to install UBI
>sept : to get your monthly UBI the new vax shot must be taken, monthly too, because 'covid-21 mutate too fast'
>UBI is sent directly by central banks using CBDCs, all shitcoins ruled illegal
>oct : it's deemed to risky to have ppl non vaccinated in the same home than ppl vaccinated
>nov : non vaxxed ppl get swatted and end up in re-education camps
>to be sure your vax are updated to get a mark of the beast type RFID chip
>dec : full blown Saint John Revelations
>pockets of resistances start to fight the NWO
>boomers dies en masse, due to covid, not because of vax
>young normies who took the shot start to notice they all are sterile, start to get pissed
>NWO enforce full police state promising their lackeys to reverse the sterilization if they protect the (((system)))
>jan-feb 22 : children of men.jpg, billionaires are comfy in their bunkers while CBDCs are already worthless, standard of living are now ridiculously low
>gold and silver went +100000000%, are used only to make big purchases such as houses

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Late 29

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>see what I see

So goddamn stupid. Do it or dont fucking do it

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Congrats fren, you just crossed the rubicon. Instead of transforming your fake fiat digital currencies into fake digital shitcoins, you will get your hand on rare, real physical wealth who last forever, created by the forge of the Gods, and recovered by men only after immense amount of sweat, tears and blood.

This is the only path to get out of Plato's cavern : for the first time in your existence you will exchange illusion of wealth for real wealth. Let me tell you that's some real life changing experience. Holding the very essence of the stars, crafted by the cosmic Aeons billions of years ago is something else than looking at 0's and 1's on a screen. You will almost feel bad for trading your worthless fiat into shiny rocks, it feel like scamming the world.

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