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Go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich Nico!

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Try to picture yourself remaining asleep as you wet, and "pretend" you are still sleeping. After you wet your diaper, relax again, and picture this happening while you sleep soundly, contentedly, and happily. Soon this is exactly how it will happen. It may take a few days [average 5 to 6 from my experience] for you to sleep soundly through the night, and to wet naturally in your sleep. You may find yourself waking a while after you have wet, if your diaper begins to cool down, and this sensation wakes you, but often the slight coolness of the wet diaper just causes another void, to "warm it up" and make it feel nice again.
When you wake in the morning take a few minutes to concentrate on the sensations an
d feelings of waking in nice, warm, wet diapers, and reward yourself by thinking or saying positive things like "Good I'm learning to wet my diapers in my sleep like a little baby. I am a happy baby now, who wets in his sleep. I like the feeling of waking in warm wet diapers."

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>Retard post par excellence
and what part of what i said was retarded, faggot?

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>This is now a gore thread.
>Post as much gore as possible.


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>Any idea what he’s gonna say?!

yeah, uh. generally speaking, gravel contracts today are written around gravel tokens, and used by sending them back and forth on a gravel ledger. gravel tokens are great. we love gravel tokens. but fundamentally, we want to take gravel contracts to the next step using high quality gravel providers that feed high quality gravel into provably secure, decentralised gravel contracts that can trigger off-chain gravel payments. we're all in on this. if someone want's gravel on the moon, we'll go to the moon.

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CHAINLINK CEO has no academic background, Linkedin has no University or nothing,
Youtube videos comments are disabled because they know they're talking shit.
Tokenomics unsustainable and totally vapourware.
Forbes article made by muh contributor
LINK Devs hold 70% of the supply
Circulating supply is 4% of the total which means you'll need at least a 25x to only break even long term.
No company address on the website, no professional info whatsoever.

There's literally nobody on the team that has the proper economic knowledge to even properly consider the idea that they've thought of.

They literally have N O T H I N G to show for, no code, no algorithms, just a few blog posts and screenshots of an app any 10 year old could create.

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Don't mind me, just thought I looked cute this morning

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That'll be a decent start money

No, but see above

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Sergey needs haters to think chain link failed, it's 4D chess, bro.

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>thanks bro

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