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I had nothing, borrowed 9k last year and now I have 75k, debt-free, buying a house. I cash out about 1/3rd of my stack when things are frothy and use half that to buy the dip half to deleverage/improve my life.
After I stop being a rentoid I will have hands of steel.

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control f SPCE
I am still in shock. Night shift wagie here and I saw the news about Chamath dumping on us but froze and somehow didnt sell. I think it was ego because I had been hyping Virgin to my friends earlier in the day....
Luckily I got out on the bounce but damn.......
Now I am comfy in Tesla where Elon would never dump on a correction. He has real skin in the game not like that shitskin Furby, Chamath.

I cant believe that poo dumps Virgin yet holds his Tesla shares. HE IS THE FUCKING CHAIRMAN.


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but what if they juiced BAT doe

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There is literally no sell pressure,
BTC 100k end of march

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>Crash the economy and ride it all on PM's in an apocalypse

Wouldn't they straight up declare a seizure of all PM's and any pm holder labeled a terrorist if they don't give up their metals for "national security" reasons?

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You actually don’t know what you’re looking at, do you?

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OP from that thread here, we are still on course.
Today its going to crab, maybe some flash dumps and recoveries to 42k.
Get your bags for next week, the pump is going to be wild

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When atomic swaps come this year what price do you predict? It will open up xmr to a lot of countries that have it blacklisted right?

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>invest in this shit
>Come around to realizing darpa probably has some super sekret coin that won't need collateral and normalfags will just scoop up FEDcoin or some bullshit

Yeah I'm losing faith. Might as well invest in whatever coin glows the absolute hardest or absolute meme shitcoins with retarded names like mcdonald's coin or hogecoin. Money chases retarded shit or fbi nsa glowshit.

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Are you actually retarded?

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>there are people who bought the top of this meme TWICE

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We've already explained it to you, retard. You're too low IQ to understand its use case. Did you read the White paper? No? Okay then, fuck off nigger. We're not going to spoon feed some reddit retard who can't even understand a simple concept. All of the points you've made against Amp don't even make any sense, either. So a token that allows fast and easy crypto transactions for retail locations doesn't have the potential to take off? Even as it's currently being integrated into stores across the US and Canada? Even as Flexa, the company that owns and created Amp, is seeing massive increases in business over the past few weeks? Okay retard, leave the thread. You don't belong here. Don't come back, faggot.

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I don't want to work anymore.

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Ok guys here is the deal, i was here in 2017/2018 and this is playing exactly the same.
This week BTC will maybe dip one more time, maybe to 45k.
After that it will literally explode, maybe even reach the fabled 100k
But dont make the mistake of being on BTC and only doubling your money. Together with BTC the whole market will explode too and we will probably reach 3 trillions market cap. At that moment please take profits, leave 15% of your portfolio on a good project that seems to have missed the bullrun and the rest on USDC or DAI or a basket of both.
Then wait for all the goodies to be on a firesale in a couple of months
It is that easy

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You used to be cool, Germany.

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Be white.

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I'm stacking amp. Am I gonna get bobo'd from this?

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there is nothing wrong with being racist, years of globohomo have seared that meme into your mind

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i mean if you had the self awareness to look around you for a second and see the level of euphoria thats happening right now you would sell too

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It’s not dumping.

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I just payed a 50 dollars fee on Ethereum, thats half my countrys average monthly salary, yet i felt nothing.
What do you call this?

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>Pangolin getting more popular
>PNG per day has been steadily dropping
I don’t know how to feel about this

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Im out biz, only 5x my money this run, elon musk cut us short a whole month with his stupid stunts
See you guys in 3 years

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I spend $1000 a month on Uber eats and $4000 on rent.

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