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26 year old engineer working as a project manager making 95k. 15k link stack 10 eth 10 Ltc 1 btc 1bch

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I think we both know ;)

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>Wish I could but not really.
just be yourself bro

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What can I say man, I just love the hustle and bustle of the big city. You don't have to live anywhere near niggers if you make enough. Think that when I say city I don't mean any of these MegaCities full of drug addicts and crime. Any city with a population in the low six figures is generally more than enough.

Living in bumfuck nowhere only works if you're very well established there (plenty of friends, very good job there, etc) or if your only aspiration is to be a neet and live life through a computer screen. I lost so many years of my early adulthood because I was stuck in a shithole with little opportunities. I'd rather get all the downsides of city living but get skills and improve financially and move later to the outskirts or a smaller town than stay all my life in the middle of nowhere and miss out on so much.

come 1v1 me faggot

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Most exquisite indeed. Our vision of hookers and cocaine will make us the technocrats of the future.

Visualize sharply and frequently

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My sis became vegetarian (never eats meat or fish) like a year or two ago and her sight is becoming worse and worse with time, to the point she has to get new glasses every six months or so. Meanwhile I that I eat a ton of meat and use my computer like 4-5 hours per day and have been doing so for years I have a perfect sight. lmao @ vegtards. What a sad and pathetic people and diet.

Also don't swinglink you imbecile. If you want to earn money get a job and stop watching the charts all the fucking day you stupid neet. Short term minded brainlets will never make it with link (or anything else for that matter).

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don't get me started on women anon

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The best investment you can make is not to try to catch a lightning in a bottle. Instead you should use money to learn how to earn money. The bulk of your money should be better spent trying to fund a business (starting small, though!). Experiment until you nail it and you'll find out how much more money you can make of a business than just waiting on some internet funny coins.

And even if you must unavoidably put a large amount in crypto, I wouldn't put it all. If it is a "fairly" large sum of money (low six figures I'm guessing) I would put maybe 50 or 60 k at most and only in two or three of the best Top 20 cryptos. Which for me would be ETH, LINK and maybe Monero or LTC. I wouldn't put it in BTC because even though it's been around for so long it has so many fundamental problems and its actual performance as a currency is fucking garbage, as it is right now it will never be used by the mainstream. So it will either solve these problems (unlikely) or be replaced for something better in the very long run.

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>Invest in other things, like your health, relationships, and intellect.

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If you hit on her and doesn't like it or it doesn't turn out well you'll be fucking fired or worse. It's not worth it. Let her play around and just take it as a sign of casual affection that doesn't mean anything. Smile, be happy that a girl likes you to be affectionate with you and go on with your day.

Unless of course you don't need that job and are about to dump it. In any case it'd be better if you met her and told her to go have a drink or a coffee AFTER you quit that job.

It happened to me in my last McJob. A few girls were very friendly and outright hitting on me because I began taking better care of myself and was a generally a more cheerful and assertive kind of guy. I pussied out at asking any out but hey that felt good anyways.

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99% of the time they're a complete waste. Maybe next bullrun. Only airdrop I made money on this year was Fuze, McAfee made a tweet about it and I sold making just over 1 ETH for just joining the telegram. Everything else was barely worth the transaction fees.

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