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God loves you and me very much

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>rode the cunt carousel
>red e to settle down now

you could have experienced growing old with a passionate little poon, but you thought you could have it all.

Fortunately you're not worse off than any other sinner. No more deserving of condemnation. No less deserving of grace (read: not deserving at all).

If you're going to throw your life away, then give it to your author. Best investment you will ever make.

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i love their women.
the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

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If digits, the bottom is in. If not we have more to go.
If the bottom is in and the digits are odds GBR begins in less than 6 months.
Else it begins greater than 6 months

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WAGMI luncbros
Good luck in the other areas of your life too

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Didn't earn it.
Don't deserve it.
But I have it.
Not because I am good.
Only because God is good.
Feels good man.

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May He bless you anon
Interesting strategy
Thanks. It's that I have a couple I'm eyeing and saw them cheaper in a worn condition so it got me thinking.

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lol this is actually my story
>collect all kikebase airdrops worth ~$40
>convert all of those shitcoins into GRT because it's the new coin and I liked their logo
>bounces from $0.15 to $0.7
>swing once (managed to sell $0.6 and buy back at $0.4)
>have about 450 GRT from initial free $40
>GRT moons above $2
the best part is I sold all at $1.9 for BNT at $4.50 and made another 2x

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>Spoilers: that universe is this one.
We're all gonna make it, fren.

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It’s time

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a) because I already know Jesus is my savior and have the sacraments to heal me but 1bn could be of great use to shape and better the world.

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>113 LBS
Is this a joke? Unless you are a turbomanlet you need to workout. Also stop cooming.
Since I went all in Chainlink in 2019 I have been shill. All that is now left is to pray to Jesus that I don't become a degenerate when I make it. Also found a nice Catholic latin mass parish were I will donate a part of my staking income when I make it.

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BTC to hit $50k in a few hours. Screenshot this.

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lurk and frens are rare and few between it seems

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stfu you faggot. biz is a Christian board

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Expect normies to start pumping Doge in the coming days. Its going to hit .15 and then stabilise at .1 before end of week. Screenshot this.

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>a based 32 year old walking into a church, small chatting up an 18yo virgin and then marrying her?
>We go to Church every Sunday. Things couldn't be better
Congrats. God bless you anons and may your marriage be fruitful!

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youre a good son anon. a little teary eyed reading this desu

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I am also of the opinion that we have learned about this opportunity for a reason and I thank Jesus daily for the grace of clear sight and wisdom.
When I eventually make it I will dedicate my life to restoring Catholic Christendom.

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God bless fren, WAGMI.

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