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>if only i had bought 100 avax in 2020...

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Same, we were born to suffer

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Unironically nothing is gonna pump this shit. Not Deco not CCIP. I have stopped even looking at Link’s chart.

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I have stopped checking the Link price. I’m so tired.

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FUD threads don’t faze me at all, it’s hopium that gets me.

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>Pay Up strategy
>Functions (a wonderful surprise)
>New staking version
>This year has been great for Chainlink, >I'm so excited.
I hear you. Every week a new company bends the knee but the price is still stagnant. It’s absolutely baffling and demoralising.

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It’s so fucking frustrating that big companies want to use Link yet it’s still at 8$

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>from 1000$ EOY to slow and steady wins the race
At least the snail meme is funny but I didn’t expect to get raped like this

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Anons weren’t kidding when they said holding Link will be a torture. I have no other hope but to hold until 81.000 or 0.

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I’m so utterly blackpilled that I just don’t see Link pumping for years to come.

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Honestly I liked it more when we thought they were paid fudders. Now they just seem very sad and I’m dismayed at the state of humanity seeing their posts.

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>The funny thing is, as an ico linkie I’m probably as demoralised now as I have been at any time since 2019, on the basis that it just feels like it’s going to be years and years until we see a fully mature system.

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>5 Years
Please no

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I unironically have been thinking of working at a farm. If im gonna wagekek, I might as well do it where it matters

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>3-10 years
I can’t wageslave for 10 more years…

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Linklets status report
700 here

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