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>th-that wasn't actually binance, it was just a BNB dev!
holy fucking cope

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>imagine being a bobo during the goldest of the golden bull runs in 2021: the chinese year of the metal ox

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someone show him her face

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>mfw bagholders come to this thread just to get laughed at even harder

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no way

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>It goes down in dollars but only because it goes down in sats.

You realize this isn't true more than half the time, right?

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>eliminates risk of BTC being stolen
>by destroying them forever and leaving you with an ERC20
>and that ERC20 could break with BTC peg and plummet to zero if people stop using the fucking strudel token

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wanna try sending me a bad block to my full node?

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fuck m8

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>BTC will be a disregarded shitcoin in 3 years max

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ok but there is no janny left on biz

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holy fuk this killed me

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Hey anon, just wait a little bit and hear me out.
I know you are a no-coiner and are seething that you didn't make it in time for this bull run.
But the situation is not as bad as you might think, we all were there (I wasn't).
Your feeling of resentment towards crypto is totally sane and explainable.
You see people earning money left and right, while you got the short end of the stick.
Tomorrow or any day of the week when you head to work, you will remember all the anons that will
never work a single day in their life. As you view your wagie-cagie you cannot but internally cry.
This internal pain fills you with agonizing hatred towards the people with good gains.
So you decide to lash out on the only platform where you actually have some sort of control over
your opinion (maybe not). What you just said maybe makes sense in your head,
but to us, be it an oldfag or not, your opinion is laughable and in actuality pretty retarded.
So in this self-induced psychosis, you indulge yourself, looking maniacally at the charts
and posting screens of virtual currency that you don't even own. If this is not insanity
I don't know what else it can be. You had one chance to buy low and even that you
could not accomplish in your worthless life. You let a chance of literal free money
pass in front of you, some people are indeed meant to be poor. This is how life is,
for someone to win, someone else needs to lose, if we all win, no one wins at all.
The reason I'm telling you this is not because of disdain for you or your sub 80 IQ.
No, not at all, I'm telling you this because I truly consider you a friend and apart
of our investment community that is located on this Vietnamese fishing forum.
You still have a chance, the bottom is still going to appear and you will,
like everyone else here, for once in your pathetic life win at something by doing
absolutely nothing. Cheers anon, keep your head up, and remember, we are all in this together.

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i’m fucking tearing up
you cannot write this shit

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This specific brand of nolinkie butthurt never gets old.

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>khater to my needs

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>glowfriends working overtime on the holidays

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that’s an udder

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lmfao @ the bears trying to squeeze every little drop out of BTC when it was just announced that Covid is over and stonks are pumping juicily

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