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my diet is pretty simple: some combination of fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, milk, yogurt, whey (and pork/beef once a week) for protein and spinach or kale salads and other random fruits or vegetables

maybe we have quite different body types but i've never even approached fat, i only appear to put on mostly lean mass, maybe i got a little bit of pudge from high fat content dairy but not much

i kinda fell off the wagon for most of this year because of an injury but last year i had this regimen for 3 months and i went from 135 pound basedboy to 170 pounds of mostly lean mass; and just as important, it drastically changed my psychology to be more motivated and confident in literally every single area of life from the mundane to the potentially daunting, we're all gonna make it brah

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What is this meme zip? I have over 1k linkie memes saved if you want any

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He is bloating to mog twinklets like Vitalik even harder

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