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Most People have no idea what Mixicles are and why they are useful and how this is related to the chainlink network.
most people don't read some 46 pages of a research paper written by some egghead from cornell and then connect the breadcrumbs in their basement.
Everyone who actually did read it (like the 20/30 dudes on here who care) and connected the dots know how bullish this is, but they are already all in since 2017 and can't or dont want to buy more so they just shitpost all day.

The daily announcements of new node operators, new partnerships etc. is kinda the same thing for most people, these announcements are seen (right now) as nothingburger because most of these are in the really really reaally early stages of their development and didn't accomplish anything so far.
we really just need to wait it out here and once all of those chainlink users roll out their products that actually work, only then we will see real growth.

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