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>what would you do fren?
i would buy obscene amounts an literally never fucking sell them. storing them in the Huobi DeFi earning compound interest and just living off the interest. and only after i'd done that would i have time to play mindless vidya

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when did you realize that the US dollar isnt actually a currency but rather a military weapon invented in 1913 and currently in use today in one of the greatest scam jobs ever invented by usury central banker jews?

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be honest, you have a few million RLX don't u?
why do u never talk about it anon?
is it because you are that absolutely greedy?
how do u sleep at night?

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Regardless if it’s the next big thing or a massive bust, the level of fanatism at this point has to be from a select few of mentally ill people. This isn’t even healthy at this point. Seriously, most of you need to see a therapist or something

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