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>no human planned this, if you rewind even further in time, there are cascades of God's will and plan
it's on the range of thousands of years and even more

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But Guénon and Evola did not regard historical decline as a disembodied force. They thought it was produced by concrete, embodied groups of historical agents. Although human agency plays a large role in history, however, most human beings are not historical agents. They are the objects, not the subjects of history. Historical agency is the preserve of tiny elites, vanguards that extend lines of influence and control throughout the entire culture, pulling it ever deeper into decadence. The vast majority of mankind is merely along for the ride.

Guénon and Evola discuss these historical elites under the rubric of “occult war.” It is “occult” merely in the sense of “hidden.” In Evola’s words, it is “a battle that is waged imperceptibly by the forces of global subversion, with means and in circumstances ignored by current historiography.”[1] Evola also writes that the occult dimension of history “should not be diluted in the fog of abstract philosophical or sociological concepts, but rather should be thought of as a ‘backstage’ dimension where specific ‘intelligences’ are at work” (Men, p. 236).

the problem started in genesis one when Elohim (not God, but his angels) created man in their vain image - Genesis 1
God (not Elohim) created Adam and breathed life into him in - Genesis 2

and that's where the conflict comes from, since there was interbreeding between the two races

you can look at the root words in the Bible to see the difference between Elohim and God and what is actually meant when the Bible says man was created "in gods image"
it's actually in elohim's image, Adam was created after

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>However he didn't keep our souls imprisoned in this matrix, instead we fell for a trap:

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Genesis 3:21 New International Version (NIV)
21 The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

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>Can you redpill me on shades
basically anything that is outside of God's light
most of the "shades" that are summoned come from within and not without
there's a very good excerpt in Genesis talking about how humans are "phantoms" in a manner
>pic related

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