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So it was told a stable coined pegged to the price of a venti cold brew.

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Uhhh I just read the LINK whitepaper, totally missed this section before.

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Whew lad we’re about to reach peak price as according to the whitepaper.

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What did you expect anon? It's doing what it was designed to do

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Were reaching a venti coldbrew from starbucks price now, get the fuck out bros!

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Uhh bros i’d get out of link now while it still high...

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Hilarious fud

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Coffee zone

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The kicker! You can always use Chainlink services for the price of a coffee. Truly revolutionary

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Nulinker here soon to be exlinker, get out just read the whitepaper don’t let the OGs dump on you!

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Fuck... nulinker here sell before the OGs dump on us...

Pic related in the white paper.

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Uhhh guys? Is it time to move out for better yields?

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>implying it wasn't specifically designed to stabilize around $3.75

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How can it ever be $17 when the team specifically said in white paper it will be a stable coin pegged to the cup of coffee and they have 2/3rd of the supply to make good on this?

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Now that chainlink has reached its target price of one cup of coffee, what have you moved on to?

I bought in at $0.3 average. I avoided the FUD, the months of no gains and the lack of real progress and it’s paid off. I’m up over 10x on my investment and made more from chainlink than I will from my job in the next 2-3 years.

However, chainlink is not viable above ~4$. The white paper even says chainlink will stabilise at the price of a cup of coffee (pic related). So now that chainlink is near its max price, what are the rest of you moving your funds into as new investments?

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