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holy based

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Unironically early 2000s when they started pushing globo homo propaganda and laying the foundation for all the horrors you see today - celebrating abortions, kids taking hormones and mutilating their genitals, marxist indoctrination in schools and universities, cancel culture etc. The seeds of it all had been sowed long before, but up to the mid 2000s they still seemed fringe and you could still watch the disney channel and be mostly safe (think it was around this time Dan "the hymen divider" Schneider started being a thing and his shows). I was actually a proto-sjw in the early 2000s when stupid kids like me thought "the system" was republicans like Bush and rage against the machine were rebellious, but even then we would have never thought the left would go full blown insane like it is now. If only we knew what was coming....if only we knew

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