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This has been commented on by official BAO team members lad. Its a real risk. If youre remaining on ETH main chain just harvest on low gas-time faggot. Dont be retarded.

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Bao is a strong enough project to reach Sushi levels of market dominance imo. The food stuff is just a top tier midwit filter.

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yeah apparently yetiswap, but he said after the fiasco not too long ago that he's waiting for more maturity in some of the other chains

>Its much bigger than most know (which is a good thing!)
makes me excited

fucking saved, based gif bro, ty hahaha

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Bao is getting truly comfy boys

Cheers to making it

Remember, 10 cents is FUD

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why we so comfy bros

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Is Baoman paying people to FUD his own project because his xDai exchange wont be ready for some weeks? BAO is already being traded on Honeyswap.

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Who /dip/ here? Who /comfy/ here?
Post your feels.

*sigh of relief*

That's life on the farm.

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this is going to take time for the brainlets to grasp, more time for us to buy and farm
>so comfy

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