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Feel free to fact check this information, found some information online but if you have background knowledge please chip in

Precious Metal Facts:

- Historical Median price of a home relative to gold is 100 ounces [during a depression] to 500 ounces of gold [during a boom]. Average median has been 300 ounces of gold or roughly 555k USD.
- The average Gold/Silver Price Ratio during the 20th century was 47:1, yet today is 70:1. For perspective, the Gold/Silver Price Ratio was 10:1 in ancient times.
- There is an estimated 1,600,000 tonnes of silver and 171,300 tonnes of gold in circulation. This makes the "true" Physical Silver/Gold ratio 9.34.
- There are 32150.7 Troy ounces in a Ton. This means 51440 million ounces of silver have been extracted to date, this includes silver that was lost/processed due to various industrial demands.
- 51440M Silver ounces divided by 331M US citizens = 155 ounces available per US Citizen. Likewise globally 51440M/7800M people = 6.6 Ounces of silver available per human on earth.
- It costs miners $10.56 to mine and refine an ounce of silver, however existing silver mines are becoming increasingly exhausted by mid 2020s due to increasing demand.
- Silver has many applications in Medicine, Electronics, Solar panels, EV's, Jewelry and more.

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Sure but that is not really PMs mooning, just the dollar crashing.

The amount of gold you will need to buy a house or any other real asset will overall remain unchanged. This is the entire point of gold.

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Is the purchasing power of gold constant if you look at a long enough time period?

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>An ounce should be able buy a house
Sorry but no. 100oz will buy a house. Maybe 80oz if you are incredibly lucky timing the market.

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Jesus christ no you dumbfucks.

10 oz gold or 1000 oz silver has ALWAYS been the suicide stack.

100 oz silver is fucking nothing. If the whole market fucking QUADRUPLES you'll have like $8000. Minus 5% off the top when selling to a dealer. Minus whatever premium you paid for it in the first place. Minus 20-28% capital gains tax.

Make it stack is like ten times that. Fuck off with your retarded cringy fedora "tiers"

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Got some bad news for you, if anything the amount of oz to buy a house is going up, not down

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Approximately the same about of goods and services it will get you today. Precious metals do not moon, they simply retain their purchasing power unlike fiat. Sure the cycle is turning and purchasing power will also rise, maybe even 2x or so. But anyone who thinks they're buying a fucking house with a few ounces in the future is completely deluded. It's like 133 oz of gold for a median house today, maybe that'll go down to 100 oz in the future. Are you planning on stacking 100 oz of gold? Good luck with the 5% off the top when you sell and 20-28% capital gains tax on top of that too lol

Pic related is the truth nobody wants to hear

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Sorry to burst your bubble but gold/silver are NOT get rich quick schemes. You don't buy them to increase your wealth, you buy them to preserve the wealth you already have. Sure, they are undervalued at the moment and will appreciate in purchasing power over the next decade, but they aren't going to explode 100x in a year like crypto.

Here's a thought: The historical mean price for a house measured in gold is just under 300 oz. Maybe that'll go down to 100 oz or so when housing crashes, sure. If silver goes back down to say 40:1 ratio then 4000 oz silver for a house. These dumbfucks on /pmg/ telling people you can drop a few grand into metals today and buy a house with it later are absolutely deluded.

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