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We are, we unironically are back. Prepare your bags lads, i have a pretty good feeling about this.
Check vinu, check the CoinW listing, you'll see what you're missing

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This. Unless we get a word from satoshi, or craig we won't know we hit rock bottom. Truth is, everything is still massively pumping on other areas of the spectrum, SHINJA is pumping, VITE is pumping, honestly people are far too focused on ETH and BTC

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well, for the most part memecoins are seriously undervalued by most people around biz and it's mainly because everyone still has that feeling that they should own the top of top coins that are the best and have 300 usecases and solve problems nobody is having
and people seriously forget that nobody is in it for the tech, not really, and thats fine, crisis breeds innovation and innovation breeds solutions to problems, so while i agree that we still need serious coins and projects, there is really zero reason to not invest in safe memecoins, knowing that swinging could yield about as much if not more than you can yield while daytrading or scalping on ETH for example
Take VINU, one of the biggest coins out there, ultrasafe devs, making doge look like a cheap comparison because it's still rising. People know the potential it has, the question is how long until biz sees it

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I'm currently on my 3rd asian gf :^)
1st one was korean, 2nd was taiwanese, current one is korean again
I love her so much, bros

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>ETH is going to 4k again which means every ethereum native project will pump no matter how shitty it is
>$CHAMP is releasing soon
Why do you even need hopium OP, everything will pump soon

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Lmao wanna know what i think? I think they are definitely in the upper echelon (see what I did there) of more trustworthy AAA publishers when compared to others such as Activision and EA. I also tend to love most of their games and have quite a bit of nostalgia for the company, so maybe I'm biased. There are people that work for them that truly care about the product they're making; it's evident in the games they publish such as Child of Light and Rayman. Even the AC games have a meticulous attention to detail that shouldn't be scoffed at.
If this game has half as much of love as child of light then you have a secure unicorn

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Imagine if you had spent the last few years in the gym. Or better yet, spent them learning literally any valuable skill. Imagine how much better your wallet, and overall life would be.
Instead you decided to waste the last few years on here focused on the price whims of magic internet funny money - something you could focus on for 24 hours a day but still have zero effect on. Its truly over for cryptocels - just being here proves you will never make it

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That is correct op, that's why the QOM hodlers have the biggest balls in all of humanity's recorded history

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I broke the wage chain after 5 unbearable years
I am to stay with my mom and get the neetbucks

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In private school they at least teach you basic economics and things that will be useful for your life. That's mostly how i found out about qom

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no, i love black people and you shouldn't use the n word to refer to them

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