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no, it's a centralized dapp with 0 users

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hit me up on twitter OP if you want some incites into Ethereum's backend.

Shit posting account in the pic.

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Ur unable comprehend how Hyperledger or Merkle tree's work I take it.

Let me explain Chainlink wants to set in between things like Ethereum and Data so they can act as a intermediary to sell the data on Ethereum.

Corporations already have widespread adoption of Hyperledger. Hyperledger can directly interface with Ethereum now and Merkle tree's can be used to prove the data's legitimacy.

All this without a centralized shitcoin ie LINK

Vitalik attempted to explain this to but Sergey Nazarov is a soft brain and just responded "makes sense" after vitalik told him in nerd speak his business model was pointless. watch until 35:19

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdiJCvYfVHQ&t=2001s [Embed]

Eat a dick jeets u have no comeback. Say something i dare you.

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Vitalik is pleased with you

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