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Remember when you sold at $0.66?

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>wake up
>don't read the news
>trade some shitcoins
>drink some beers
Loving life boys

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> Work in Train Maintenance in germany
> always pretend to respect anyone and if they tell me their life story i try to look interesting
>Everyone literally is ok with me , no hate
> Most of time i pretend to know anything about my job
>i only do 5 minutes of work and rest of 8 hours im sleeping in one of those trains letting all the others do the job
>no one argues or snitches on me
> literally get the same money as someone who works constant 8 hours , kek
> Literally gained 30 Kilos here
> Gonna get a promotion soon
> life is good

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>1. ETH
>2. LINK
>3. USDC
>4. DAI
>5. BTC
>9. DOT
>10. iExec

XMR is somewhere around the top 7/8... But it is made illegal and ranking sites won't even list it. BTC within two years is talked about constantly on CNBC (which now has full programs dedicated to crypto), they will be amazed at how hard it fell vs the other crypto assets. The basic reason given will be that it didn't provide any real usage or produce anything, so many hedgefund managers couldn't bring themselves to invest in it. It isn't used as a trading pair either, most new traders who entered the market after 2018 had stable coins to trade with so they didn't want to bother with trading against BTC, hence why stable coins are so high on the list.

There is an ideological movement to make DAI the #1 stable coin, as many view it as crypto native and better than USDC. MakerDao surges off of the "Fed of the blockchain" meme. ETH despite full scaling and sharding, will have become so widely used by 2023 that it costs too much to do TX on the main chain. All /biz/ bros who started crypto after 2021 will be doing tx on sidechains. MATIC becomes the preferred method of transfer for most (OMG CEO busted for PnD scams). xDai STAKE becomes the preferred test net for ETH and network for DAOs. DOT is trying to cultivate an ecosystem, just can't pick up steam. iExec completely rebrands as a coin used to enter extravagant tranny parties (something that will be very common in 2023).

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you can have the car, I'm gonna buy a new bmw

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Post yfw you realize 90% of people aren't even human and the implications of this realization in the biz world

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I have been in crypto for 3 years and have no idea what smart contract is

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Boss just said were getting extra funding to continue our project. The higher ups are impressed and want to see more.

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an XMR whale fat-fingered the XMR/USDT pair on Binance today just to fuck the shorters.
He probably has a lot more liquidity where that came from too.

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200 IQ NAK play:
>Put whole net worth into NAK
>Favorable ROD releases
>Immediately sell as many Jan 20, 2023 $1 calls as possible
>Biden wins
>Mines are banned
>NAK goes to $0.25
>Pocket premium
>Next Republican president
>NAK has permits
>NAK goes to $20

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>"Shareholder vote: Do you think my dog is cute?"
>"A. Yes"
>"B. Yes"

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I know something you don't

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Since the beginning of the DeFi scam and uniswap chink tokens, I've constantly been updating the internal revenue service of each an every country I can possibly think of. Specifically, I tell them how these scams work and how are they being used for money laundering and tax evasion. I have tons and tons of folders with captures, transaction logs and everything you could possibly think of so the pertinent authorities can know EXACTLY where is all that sweet money going. I know for a fact they have been watching Binance really close lately because it is already been established that there is a huge money laundering operation going on there.

You've been warned, chinks.

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holy mama! I've got half that. you're doing about .045 core/day, yea?

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You did preorder your ps5, right?

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aaaaand were back

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Then just implement those things if you think it will save your civilization. But you can't, can you?

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How do I turn $271,301 into $6,000,000

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You honestly think that this will keep tanking? Accumulate now. This will at least go $0.5. FInal Warning

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fucking checked

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