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still not a word

>As having sex isn't in it for you
>t. buttblasted roastie
I've slept with so many women at this point that my penis is a diplomatic issue
I speak from experience

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>LITERALLY made for _____

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>42 was ok, but 27 has one of the best vibes of all time.
27 was certainly a wild year for me lol
I was convinced there was a 50/50 chance I wouldn't make it out of that one alive
I did, but just barely lol

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>Are these alphas going to defend their harems alone against armies of men
lol these "armies" of (((men))) are watching GoT and Capeshit movies while their wages are being garnished by globohomo (((politicians))) and their countries are flooded with mystery meat that serve as fresh debt slaves that is required to prop up the pyramid scheme known as (((society))). And they do nothing while this is taking place, pathetic.

Pro-tip harems are already here; women are more than happy to share me and know that I have other women I pursue and sleep with
I never call them my (((girlfriends))) since that term is newspeak mumbo jumbo.

The terms “LTR” and “girlfriend” have not existed for most of human history. The act which "boyfriends and “girlfriends” are engaged in is called fornication.

If you’re not married or if you don’t have children with a woman then you are simply fornicating. Calling it an LTR or calling her your girlfriend is unnecessarily using newspeak terminology when there is no need to do so. I have girls I’m seeing regularly. I refuse to call them my girlfriend or even label it as a long term relationship. They know my thinking on the matter and they go along with it.

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Just quit smoking. Was almost 2 packs a day for the last few years. It's day 13 and I've already saved about $200. Anyone else have stories of expensive hobbies or habits?

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