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who has the best card?

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For me? It’s Asian milfs

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I’m currently watching Black Clover. How is your evening going fren?

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Say that to my face and not online.

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Urgent need of bread!

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It’s ok anon. I believe in you

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the CEO bought millichips instead of microchips and the market did not respond kindly to his mistake

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whats going on with shipping stocks

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How evil are they? What do they do?

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No guarantee these coins will be around in a year or two. Or no guarantee they will have any value (delisted). There is literally no such thing as a “risk free.”

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> I've been doing it for about 6 months now, I'm much calmer and much happier. I probably only do it 5 days a week. I'm willing to human guinea pig myself, will keep /smg/ updated tho lol

Fair enough. But just consider there have not been any real studies on daily mushroom use. For example, long term daily ibuprofen use is bad for you anon.

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Why do i get the feeling this guy huffs his own farts and jerks off to pictures of himself???

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>Previous thread on 4chan had smart people in it

Lol ok buddy.

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>I heard this is where the big boys bet

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but I dont hold ftm

>let me trust 2 random anons not to do something stupid
this is why Fantom is worthless you have to trust some random node runners not to fuck up

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Im predicting a political revolution with Congress losing its mandate. If there is a crash, Biden becomes vulnerable to impeachment. “Orange man” is out of the White House, and democrat voters won’t support Biden with 20% unemployment etc etc. Uniparty will turn on the administration to try and save their own skin.

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should I apply for a PPP SBA loan? I could restart my stupid construction business if i got a loan.

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should i apply for a small business ppp loan? I own a small construction business, it could help me get it up and running again.

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yea 3 million would be enough even in the boomerest interest bearing account for me to frugal live and work on my own stuff/build my own house/pay morgage on a property

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The more an individual is “keen” on the culture a specific meme is derived from the more nuanced information can be retrieved from said meme. Been starting to view them as a modern form of hieroglyphics, but the lack of institutional initiation makes the aforementioned question variable.

There obviously isn’t one correct answer, but it’s something I figured /biz/ would be able to provide some thought on.
Certainly a joke is one role a meme can fulfill but it’s possible to imprint a wide range of emotions using imagery, color, nuance, etc. It’s been proven that varuois groups can interpret the same meme and have an entirely different take away.
>IE: Pepe is a symbol of white supremacy to leftist boomers who read CNN
>Pepe can be a symbol of the alt right to those who format their meme in such a fashion
>Pepe can simply be a cute green frog to those with no conditioning or exposure to such (a grandmother perhaps)
>Pepe is a reflection of self when used by Twitch users in the chat box and as demonstrated by QXC videos featuring him
Just a small handful of examples although obviously the list is infinite, but is a meme’s versatility one of prospects that make them valuable? I’d say so but another may argue it’s a limiting factor in relaying information across a wide spectrum of viewers

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How the fuck am I supposed to file taxes for my crypto?

I'm trying to be a good fucking goy here and coinbase/turbo tax are making it fucking impossible. The CSV spreadsheet that coinbase generates cannot be imported directly into turbotax despite them having a fucking partnership. How do you even do it manually? I've been buying up LINK regularly for years and just happened to sell some in 2020.

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>what will happen when regulators go to CZ and order him to shutdown BSC?

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Thanks fren, I'll buy 500k KTOS

This is just a shitpost right? You don't actually believe this with all the changes GME is gonna go through right?

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any news on uniswxp v3 release date or features?

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