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>come here GME anon, have a feel
>Now tell me Vlad, did you stop the buying to manipulate the stock? Yes or No

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Watch the impeachment hearing while you wait for the price to go up

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10 AMC @ $14
1 GME @ $330
5 PSLV @ $10

10 NOK @ $4.78
Am I gonna make it?

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so you buy a stock because you want to own a company and think it'll go up in value.
i work for a publicly traded company and joke that the shareholders can suck my cock and try to do as bad a job as possible without getting fired. if everybody else does this, why would i ever want to own stocks?

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i liquidated AAPL to go balls deep in GME/AMC/BB/NOK
sorry, hedgies

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shoulda posted the real one

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c'mon man

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What an absolute fertile and gorgeous milky Latina mommy
>ugh unf *sniiiiiiifffffffffffffff*
“Your mammaries feel so soft and smell so good through your sweater my Latina queen”
>unnnnnffffffff *SNIIIIFFFFFFF*
“What’s that? You want to March down Broadway with signs? Okay mommy but let me get a quick drink if your breast milk mmmmmfffff baby so thirsty thank you mommy Cortez”

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you won't. when it comes down, you'll be scared like everyone and you won't buy.

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Just a reminder, that options anon that was FUDDED yesterday.

That $26c 27/11 is going for $1.50 currently. Based retard would have tripled his money.

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busted on all my options because of the wednesday spike. lost 20%

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