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When do me linkies moon?

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Do you think the singularity is a meme?

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But when it happens, everyone will know.
All across the world, voices will echo "..what's wrong? Is everything ok?"
A few vehicular accidents will occur seemingly for no reason.
Several pilots, delivery drivers , and one pajeet who forgot to close a submarine hatch will all last be seen yelling at their phone.
Binance will crash. Everyone scrambling to buy LINKs will see 404.
Etherdelta will become so overwhelmed with traffic it will slow to a halt. It will become unusable.
LINK will reach unimaginably high prices within minutes.
Ever noLINKer's eyes will watch. The tiny LINK cube on coinmarketcap will be reflected in their eyes.
However, the ones who knew... the ones who had heard, but didn't listen...
As these tears fall onto rapidly moving fingers that are refreshing binance or etherdelta multiple times,
Haunting music rings in your ears indefinitely.
The harrowing noise of the bells causes the noLINKer's soul to shiver... and scream.
Biz will be filled with LINK memes. All threads will be tilted " You had your chance."
Monitors will be smashed.Laptops will be broken in half. Weddings, family reunions, graduation ceremonies, and other social events around the world will be plagued by the audible cries of noLINKers who knew the path but didn't take it.
Their hopelessness crushes them inside, but they keep having to wageslave, and forcing a smile on their face every day to avoid ever being asked " whats wrong?" again will eat away at their sanity.
This soon becomes a worldwide phenomenon, and noLINKer syndrome will be added to DSM-V and heavily studied.
Most normies will continue enjoying their playpens.
But the ones who knew...
they will become uncomfortably intimate with despair.
For they know they missed the opportunity of a lifetime, and another precious path to freedom has disappeared forever.

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why are we pumping? It is set that Sergey will talk about acquiring DECO and not making staking available

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It’s a tale as old as time.


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Think of it this way.

If you were in the woods with one arrow, there was a rabbit you could for sure take easily, and a Golden Hind you knew was a complete shot on faith chance and God’s whim to make, which would you take?

There’s no wrong answer, it just determines what kind of person you are.

I know which I’m taking.

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We’re on a juice break you dipshit, you try orgasming for a week straight.

Building our strength up for when tonight becomes every night.

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such volatile ATH's

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Holy digits

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We're back.
But do we gloat?
No. We say thanks.
And praise.

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Hey guys!
What the fuck was that?!

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thats some heavy shit thx
typical christian reply tho amirite
not sure i follow
will take a look

t. i hope my linkys save me from

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Volume is rising like clock work you fucking faggot. Hope you sold everything.

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Yes. Pic related is the only graph you will ever need to see.

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For every year it gets pushed back, tack on another $1000.00

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