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Props for marginally improving your subtlety, RSR shills. Still not buying your 4% circulating shittoken though.

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>south africa
surely there's no way this can fail.

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you move to any of these houses posted here and fix it up, prepare to get haunted by all the ghosts from the mentally ill druggos that obviously lived and died there.
straight form some horror movie and the funny thing is it took the owners just 1 year to trash it like this before they Killed themselves

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>bitching about one or two RSR threads a day while low-effort LINK threads endlessly flood the board
>bumping the RSR thread you hate
>boomer caps
I hope this is bait

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Yeah. You are rounding down to zero. The idea hurts your head. What is 1/10,000??? It’s a small number. Let’s look at that on a wheel. It’s a big wheel. What you are visualizing is actually just the number 10,000. You are visualizing 10,000 units of something compared to 1.

The chances of it hitting the fabled number on a wheel the size - 1/10,000 isn’t very high, but it’s certainly possible. It could hit the first time. Right?

Now let’s look at a larger wheel - Graham’s wheel. The odds of it hitting the evil number the first spin is not zero. The odds are actually 1/Graham’s.

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I only have 1700 linkies... I’m down 35% fren. Will I survive?

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Hey Mr Wojak. I don’t like your attitude. I’m gonna to have to ask you leave.

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Are you retarded? There are jobs that forbid all cellphone use on the clock or in certain areas. Some of these are for safety reasons. Don’t want people getting ran over by a forklift etc. Also, some people use thier phones like 20% - 60% of thier shift. Obviously you would want to fire that person.

High end restaurants usually forbid all staff from using phones while on the clock. Give family and friends the managers number to get in touch with someone in case of an emergency. I’ve had jobs like this.

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>using the team’s own website as a source
Anon...you know people can lie on the internet, right?

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He’s makes many correct observations, but is wrong about the big picture. You need the experience is working hard and getting that knowledge under your belt. Also, saving your money and investing etc. you could go into business for yourself and be “rich” by 25.

tl;dr he is right about the smaller points, but is completely retarded in making his final analysis.

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How much is rape going to be? Are we getting more is it? My butthole is bleeding a lot. The rape is hurting. Can we get more of the money?

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Three ways to get rich quick:

>Do something extremely risky - like gambling on some unstable currency.
>Do something highly illegal - sell drugs etc
>Get incredibly lucky by winning the lottery etc.

That’s about it. Otherwise you are going to work long and hard for your money.

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/trash/ is better than /biz/ so is /b/

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Look; Chainlink is cool and all, but I’m mostly in this for the money. Got it? The technical stuff is great and all, but the public doesn’t give a shit. They don’t give a shit how thier iPhone works, they just want to throw money at Apple because they are told too.

Don’t lecture me

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> Imagine thinking AI won't eventually have the capability to "think" in a relative manner. You are a literal retard.
Do people really believe this shit?

You're not making a machine think, what actually happens is that you create an illusion for yourself that it thinks. Machines will never be alive, you are a product of Hollywood science fiction. Skynet is not real kek.

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You make real money, but you clearly have no idea how to properly spend/save.

>Stop borrowing ALL money
>Close your credit card accounts immediately
>Start paying off your debts. Smallest first and save the largest for last.
>You Make way too much money to be taking out loans

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There are probably only about 25 people who make 300k or more at Netflix....

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This. Whoever this mouth-breather is, he shouldn’t be sneering at 1M. That is an incredibly large sum of money. If used properly, 1 Million dollars can easily get a man and his family through and entire lifetime.

Considering that I fought like hell to even get a 1k link stack at an average of $2.75. I’m pretty offended. If you have a million dollars and can’t make magic happen, you will never make it.

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>I actually paid all of my taxes

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>TFW you saw the dip 1h ago, bicycle home to finally buy in and it pumps literally instantly you put the phone in your pocket. ffs

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OP remember its your fault when they lose it all/ next crash etc. gl with your future problems op. You need it.

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>tfw they increase tax on cigs again

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