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>have solar and battery off grid system
>have starlink
>have 1 year of canned food, access to unlimited bait in the form of sandworms and an ocean to catch fish in minutes walk from home
>have guns for protection
>have access to fresh water streams in hills short drive from home

not my problem, let it burn

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>a d0b0 suicide stack for under $40
Why dont you at least have a sui?

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>tfw bought a TSLA LEAPS put when TSLA was at $850 and sold it 2 months later for 35% profit
I should've held longer desu since that was the reason I went a year out in the first place, but I was happy to claim my gain. It's not too late to join the ride down.

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Take a look an Nintendo. It ain't going anywhere, strong brand, great revenue growth, if they paid off all their debt, they'd still have 11B USD cash on hand. Also pays a little dividend. x5? 5-10yrs? thats between 50%-100% stock price growth annually, fat fucking chance. Only meme's perform like this, average market return is 8%, Buffett is 20-25%, Lynch was 30%. You? Best of luck, but don't count on it. Tickers i'd suggest, AMD, or TSM, Look into E-sports plays. Most game studios have shit fundamentals, MSFT and APPL will have to move a TRILLION dollar market cap, much harder to do than normal sized companies. But APPL could perform in the next super cycle. Better than apple is the chip makers they use, QCOM, SWKS.

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Ohhhh there's plenty of people telling us (pic related)

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I did travelling already, ive been to 32 countries and am focusing buying land now somewhere sunny so I can set up a bunch of solar panels. Im hoping the housing market crashes soon ... i have been living in hotels using the free electricity for my 4 Asic miners while they pay for the room. Watching housekeeping come into the room with the fans on full blast sounding like a hurricane of angry wasps is always hilarious

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Yes this dog who's adorable face no one will ever forget is still alive. Her name is Kobasu and she has a Facebook page which is updated daily. But she is 16 old and probably not going to live very much longer. When she dies there will be a internet hype bonanza celebrating the most famous dog who ever lived and driving the price up big time

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I live in a hotel and get free electricity for my ASICs

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>dead dog bounce
>for 2 weeks
Remember when we were excited to hit 0.04? And now stable at 0.06? Quite a long bounce lad

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Sitting at 21k right now

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People should remember how long it took Bitcoin to be where its at. This is a long hold game, not a pnd shitcoin gamble.

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I made enough money with doge to buy your entire shitty village and use your sister as my personal cum bucket. Keep seething pajeet and find a loo to poo in.

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>spent half a paycheck on 15k doge
>have been autistically swinging up to 21k
>afraid to swing with more than 2k after almost taking a massive loss last Sunday
The irony of this is I don’t feel any less poor than you, but you gotta bump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers.

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>stable around 0.075 is now a boring dump
What a coin, lads

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Buying my first mansion in Mars gonna be so sweet.

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Give me some hopium bros. I dont know what to believe anymore

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Some whale crawled out from under a rock, and saw the price of this shit, dumped it, and is driving a Lambo rn.

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>implying 60000 other faggots don't have their sell orders before you
How many times do you need to be told to HODL?

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Reply to this thread if you're holding or you'll develop forever paperhands and miss all the gains. Doge will reach 0.1 soon.

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Always trust the first limit you set, even if it’s less of a profit it’s still a profit.
>people rn ITT actually, seriously sold

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Reminder if you sell now, after everything you’ve been taught, you get downgraded back to NPC permanently.

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If they pull it through, don't forget to buy $ROPE because it'll also moon once linkies get dabbed on.

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pajeet is shitting up the place with his shitcoin

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>100 free doge a day while I’m at work
>this is a bad deal
Fuck it, I’m going all in.
>GPU already overheating

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