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At this point it's as academic and theoretical as shit like cardano has been since it was announced.
This: >>15499893, and that's inexcusable in crypto when people can people can easily expect BTC to continue to dominate alt-ratios for quite some yet. It's funny how ethies joined many other alties in talking like king bitcoin is in an existential crisis, yet there is no crypto project that that phrasing describes better than ethereum. Despite ethies wanting to paint the whole roll-out process of 2.0 as being certain, it's anything but from the perspective of non bag holding reddit-hypers and institutional investors.

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>Crazy how little demand there is for this.
Is it though? Did you think altcoin speculators were in it for the tech, its ability to actually deliver market value being a remote after thought?

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absolutely based and redpilled

Everything mETH heads believe in is soft brained silicon valley sÓyum speculation powered by fallacies and hype. The original mETH speculators misunderstood everything about bitcoin and what blockchain tech was actually good for. Vitalik was politely shooed away from the bitcoin codebase back in the day for having terrible ideas. Muh world computer, muh decentralize everything, muh dAPPs, muh ICO financing platform, it's just one failed narrative after another. Bitcoin / cryptocurrency is first and foremost an economic innovation, the tech is just an incidental means to an end to bestowing certain economic properties. Bitcoin is simple, it has economics and game theory backing it up, the reasons it has remained number one only grow more stronger by the day. Ethereum is a complicated mess of narratives without having gained any real use case (that has actual market demand) over any other shitcoin, and now it has to completely change the nature of its network without having negative unintended/unforeseen consequences to the economics and game theory propping up its price. Something ethereum developers are notably ignorant of relative to bitcoin developers, quite the worrisome blindspot. Pic related is but one example of the ignorance of your average mETH developer.

It's hilarious you think the general public or institutional investors want to hold this shitcoin that has no discernible or reliable monetary policy, when in fact few outside of the reddit cult care about its buzzword based promises and ever-changing hype narratives. So many heavy bag holders, yet it's still basically just an experiment. Lefty squishy brains will continue to be gaslight by the chart probably throughout most of 2020, it's the price of your economic ignorance.

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I said maybe I'll buy after you and your fellow redditors give up on your narratives and capitulate, if there are signs of altseason when that happens which isn't likely. If I do you'll be wanting to dump them, and it'll only be with a tiny portion of my bitcoin stack.

>anyway eth is the future of decentralized finance.
You scamming fucks rotate narratives and grandiose claims every single fucking year, that's why more and more are starting to ignore you. When eth is lead and controlled by a bunch of lefty sÓyboys who neither understand nor care about economics, it's even harder to take this hopium shilling seriously. It's the same people who will also shit out narratives of how eth is a better SOV than bitcoin even though it doesn't have reliable monetary policy, like pic related who doesn't understand how bad what he is saying sounds.

>90 of top 100 coins built on ethereum
They are all fucking garbage. King of the shit tokens isn't an impressive title. ICO retardation is part of what drove the eth moon in 2017, but that won't be a thing again. All these shitcoins will bleed out as BTC dominance climbs to over 90%.

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Having no monetary policy and leaving it to large group of sÓyum web developers to bicker about for an indeterminate amount of time is the big brained thing to do. Institutions will flood into this open minded flexible cryptocurrency that is completely changing its protocal, economics, and game theoretic situation over the course of 2020. They'll hear boy genius speak and fomo in.

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>ETH is a SoV too!
>Commie ethereum devs clueless and uncaring about economic and game theory considerations

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Trend continuation, it's not going to double bottom above .02 which is of psychological importance, every day that goes by continues to gaslight ethereum fans. mETH addicts will say I'm trying to gaslight, no the ratio does that I'm just explaining. Still got a lot of nervous holders deep in the red itching to capitulate, despite the best efforts of ethereum fans no one actually cares about the tech's supposed actually used functions.

It's all just confidence larping, they are always switching narratives year after year to justify this expensive experiment and count on people not being able to follow their labyrinthine and ever changing narratives. These people will brag about how ethereum's monetary policy is flexible and subject to change and they don't even understand how that is a bad thing (pic related), but they'll confidence larp you about how it can even compete with Bitcoin's SoV meme. They are ignorant of and uncaring about economics, and not good enough at covering all the necessary game theoretic bases given they want to completely change their system in 2020. This is unforgivable in a crypto. At best it'll be a bumpy ride in 2020 with the price recovering near the end of it.

The process of rolling out 2.0 in 2020 will do nothing but create organic FUD when BTC is at the heart of its bull. Biggest pump to ETH in the past was the ico craze and that's over. Still at the start of the BTC bull run with no alt season in sight. The current speculative schelling point among non heavy bag holders is that alt season might start after BTC goes well past 20k at the absolute earliest. That's when eth holders will actually be able to preach to new entrants and not just themselves and jaded people already in the space.

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