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>the jew who tries to posture himself as our boss' right hand man who thinks im his friend joked around saying that working for this crypto startup company was like "game of thrones, man"

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Not anymore. I lost it all on FTX. You can thank jews for making Zoomers poor.

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I’m famous

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I only come here for the OOOOOO threads and I can’t even rely on them anymore.

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Literally no one can be trusted in the crypto world, I must find the coin myself and not have anyone refer it to me. I will watch new coins all day until I find the perfect one.

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I'm glad I sold at 70k

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Should I do a line of coke? Or is it too bearish for that yet?

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Ethereum is outperforming everything and nobody cares

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>Be me
>see Ethereum going up.
>"nice I know I have some."
> Check wallets.
> Realize you have a forgotten wallet.
> "oh, I remember that one. it's like $400 of USDC"
> get seed phrase.
> Its 12 grand worth of coins

Any other Anons have stories like this. Surely I'm not the only retard on this board

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>get raped by withdrawal fees
>then get raped by taxes

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my ex of 5 years just texted me asking me if I want to buy usdt for cash

I'm not making this shit up.
She knew me as a cryptofag since 2017
wtf do I do I'm completely baffled

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Last time $1 billion tether was printed Bitcoin pumped $10k
Just so you’re aware

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If you’ve ever used chrome incognito mode and you are an American citizen, you will be receiving a check for $5,000. This is going to be similar to the covid stimulus 2020 rally once people start receiving their checks. What are you buying with yours?


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The Jews are pumping Bitcoin
Stupid Jew ruining everything

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Every anon on /biz/ is a depressed cynic rich or poor. Why continue to do this to yourself?

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Uhhh bros??? Check the chart. February 15th 2020 was the day the Covid crash black swan happened. If these things happen in 4 year cycles now…. Then we’re in for another nigger swan

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If the government made it illegal to sell crypto and mandatory to buy crypto. Wouldn’t we all just be billionaires ? Seems that easy. Just let people sell in small amounts for basic necessities. And if you wanna buy a home you put the crypto up as collateral and it slowly drains over time. Now poor people don’t exist. I just solved economics holy fuck.

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Do you live a chainlink lifestyle? Gay sex and BigMacs ?

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Crypto is an absolute shit show right now. Nothing moons. It’s a crab market.

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You realize a bull market means everything goes up, right? The fact that almost every coin constantly dumps and crabs proves we are in a bear market. We saw a tiny little pump in December and it was just a dead cat bounce. No follow up. Altcoins returned to all time lows.

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Why are you guys not buying MoonBeam? The big upcoming polkadot meme coin being released by the foundation is being airdropped to moonbeam holders

Get the fuck in here

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Wait a minute… wouldn’t the dollar be considered a “risk-on asset” since it can go to zero at any moment? Wouldn’t crypto be the risk-off asset class since it can’t be hyper inflated ? Really makes you think

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What ever happened to crypto kitties ?

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Anyone caught painting a red candle on my coins will be arrested.

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