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hahahah you peen smol

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How could you sensor this site effectively aside from paying mods to delete everything "offensive" some government outright lobbying to get the domain shut down entirely, which seems unlikely as this site has been up for this long already and been the focal point of numerous controversies over the years, has it not?
seems like if there was some kind of a threat or conspiracy to take this site out, it would've come to pass by now~ seems like the technologically incompetent boomer faggots that run shit right now view this as entirely anonymous and therefore impossible for anyone to collectively organize to pose any kind of a threat to them, so they ultimately don't give a shit

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Based! You nailed it

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Pouring another one out for the fallen WKHS bros.

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What about cheeseswap

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What's your AMC call number?

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Global economic collapse

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s-stay strong...

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i need to do the needful after being burned on shitcoins

is it too late anons?

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i am black and don't really care it's just bantz to me, im here trying to make it like everyone else fren

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Congrats dude.

That’s pretty frickin awesome.

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fren no

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this is what I feel
>taller than average idiots
>not the tallest

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I've never messed with these DEFI stuff. Want to tip my toes and start getting something more out of my BTC and ETH.

Thinking of converting half my ETH bag to BETH ( currently 1 ETH = 0,97 BETH ) I do believe the price of BETH and ETH will remain correlated, so it's unlikely I would get fucked by impermanent loss.

APY around 30% on pankake swap. Currently i'm getting 5% on Celsius. What are my risks here ? From my understanding I could only lose if pancake swap rugpulls or for something BETH loses value ?

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The founding fathers were right about restricting voting rights to a fraction of the population

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>no foid
>all white
just bought

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NuCypher is crushing it why doesn’t anyone care?

Is this just a pump n dump

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Because everyone fears the others will steal their precious unique business idea

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Why hasn't this thing done anything in years of existence? Oilers are suddenly spamming threads, is something happening? I'm scared bros. If anyone has information I'd be grateful.

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Hope you had a good day fren

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any newfags here that can describe their emotional state lately? i'm an oldfag who can no longer feel positive emotions so i don't know when to sell

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