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Thank you for the check.

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>got in the market may 2020
>only up 4%
so we're done going down right? who isn't buying at these levels?

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You don't want to leave some legacy? Something for your children?

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Did I make it in time?

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I'm not reading that. Go back

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how can i earn passive income with 200k?

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Thats what my cope likes to say. But deep down I know I'm going insane.

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If I'd have to guess, there are at least 25 times more shares sitting in brokers worldwide than there are directly registered on Computershare. It's going to be so absurdly bad if they ever allow the whole float to get registered. I can hardly believe we won't see moass long before that. Source: I made it up.

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Oh no no no not dft again!
Common guys it's not even funny anymore. It's a scam garbage coin, all biz know that.
Please stop the spamming

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find a reputable dealer online through the OP sticky, or a Local Coin Shoppe is you have one nearby.
try to fnind the lowest premiums and buy a little at a time if you need to go slow to get comfortable with the process.
wont take long and you'll be a pro at this.
only thing to keep in mind, it costs money and can be addicting

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this is now a 50c waiting room

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this is me right now

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hello guys

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i genuinely know fuck all about GRT but bought like 600 of it at 0.65 or so, and have just held since then, only other thing i'm holding is BTC, and i just got into crypto at the start of 2021.
at this point i'll probably drop another 1k into some other coin i feel okay-ish about and just pray for the best. aigmi?

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Assume you have 35k USD to put into a coin.

Your goal is to make it to making it.

What do you choose?


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Oh anon ! That's why it's still under 5 millions Market cap in the middle of a bull run... continue to hold this scam, let us make the money... thats why you will never make it, so brained washed I feel sorry for you...

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Is there an easy tax service that will do my uniswap trades?

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Next booming projects on matic
Dark build v2


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DB Dark build v2


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I hold some MIR but never thought about staking or doing LP. Are you doing this? How much would I get for ~20k? How safe would it be to stake in GME-UST for example?
Trying to figure out how to live on my gains after this bullrun is done. Thanks fren.

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Nobody want to buy your useless bags, please stop spamming

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Biz is full of shit few days ago every people on this treat were full of fud and now every one is like that's the coin of the century, whales gonna dump $20 - $25.
This project has no l2 solutions only a low market cap

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I think we all need to take a step back here. This is the only girl I’ve seen on 4chan who consistently posts nudes and hates niggers.

I think we should be nice to her guys. She obviously has severe mental issues.

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