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Cube worshipping kikes. Disgusting

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More Jewish cube worship?

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Shut the fuck up indian niggers np1 Wants your LINK #2 cube worship you fucking Saturn worshipping kikes

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More cube worship from the /biz/ juden as if chainlink wasn’t enough Saturn worship —

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>I’m shilling against Saturn
>the jew calls me a Saturn shill
Take your meds, dilate, and have more buttsex with men

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Fuck you chainlink jew shill

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Buying chainlink puts you into a satanic dimension. Selling / losing it frees you. This guy is down $45k but kept his soul

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Real men buy FARM and don’t partake in cube worship

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Fuck you cult member

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Desperate kikes and their kike coin are kill.

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Why do you think the chainlinkers were such a cult of deviancy? Literally some discord tranny jews pushing it with fake chat bots

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Fuck you 42 you gate keeping kike. Fuck chainlink too

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The jews fked you in the head kid

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Chainlink is a meme started by 4chan to lead people to financial ruin. The oldfag early investors were IDF (Israel Defense Forces) members stationed here to quell nazi rebellion online. Soon they realized they could create useless ethereum tokens to scam anons visiting 4chan who had hopes of crypto gains. These old fags bought $100k+ of chainlink EACH ($100k of chain link at $0.17= A LOT OF CHAINLINK) for pennies on the dollar and now are selling it to idiots for over $12. There’s even an Israeli agent that goes by the name of “42” (a spiritual pure number corrupted by the kike who uses it as a pseudonym) . This agent tries to control the narrative within his Saturn indoctrination / chainlink cube worship threads.. even tries to psyop anons to buy (((their))) Saturn currency by using Christian / memes of Jesus.
Now these “oldfags” that we are supposed to respect are trying to get people to lose even more money after the 2018 bloodbath. Chainlink is a specialized collection of Oracles, companies don't need this. They will just create their own private blockchains with Link network(token not needed). Sergey himself already said that LINK tokens arent needed to use the network. thats right. it's still unclear when and how the LINK token will be used if private networks are an option, and not to mention the massive allocation of LINK not locked up but in dev control (2/3 of supply).There is no need for tokens if chainlink isn't even needed to run the nodes.
, silence for months. generally, this happens 1-2 times a year
Stinkies compare Sergey to Jesus, they worship Saturn and endevour in other blasphemies (like telling anons to put sharpies how up their anus to get free link which is never sent) which marks their impending doom (and financial ruin)

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Fuck you jews

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The chainlink/xrp shills are literal jews

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With jews you lose

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All chainlink holders will experience financial and spiritual ruin. OFF YOURSELF KIKE

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Swap liberal with Jewish and you are right

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Saturn X LINK X Judaism x homosexuality

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Cope inferior jew scum. I care more the life of an ant than any human that pledges allegiance to Satan (Judaism )

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The chainlink chat bot brigades weirded me out because I thought they were actual humans

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