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Not much to climb from now on... :(

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Can someone who has a twitter ask him why he is doing this? I would if I could

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Another classic

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The CEA announcement of household names will take us to $10 immediately. Please buy in now before it's too late anons

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love this one personally

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i know nothing of this project but where can i buy their coin or whatever?
i wanna buy some and ride the normie hype wave for a day or two then sell for link before it crashes back down as with everything normies touch

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The blogpost didn't give a timeframe. Does anyone know or have a guess? Some random guy said 21 nodes end of June.

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I'm actually more qualified to talk about this than most anons.I'm employed with a cyber-techno machinations company, I do a lot of security analyst programming type work. Open source, decentralized, APIs, partnerships, you name it. We'd be one of the first companies in line for something like Chainlink, if the decentralized smart contract space had more value over traditional data exchanges. There's a catch though, an underlying flaw more deeply embedded in the bedrock of LINK than the very code itself. The flaw is with the concept, and it's this: Companies won't actually go through the hassle of trusting their data API's through crypto.

Now I can already hear your keyboards going frantic, but hear me out. /biz/ hates banks, and traditional data providers. But actual companies, businesses, and investors do not. There's an old saying you might have heard of: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!". The idea that any of our bosses would give us the go ahead if we approached them to put our companies valuable data in a smart contract on a cryptocurrency called Chainlink, that they've never heard of, we'd be laughed out at best and fired on the spot at worst. We already have API data buyers and providers we trust.

'But Chainlink is trustless!' I hear you cry, but is that really a good thing? Just listen to the sound of it. Businesses don't want to spend millions of dollars on something that is trustLESS, they want something trustFUL. 'But the reputation system!', doesn't that defeat the whole point of your coin? If companies only trust nodes with high reputation, what's the difference between trusting banks and data providers that already have high reputation, but in real life not on a computer screen.

The fact is, LINK is going to share the same fate as ETH will. A lot of 'real world application' hype, with a lot of 'crypto world application' reality. Only, this billion supply coin isn't going to come close to the $1k that Eth hit. Happy gambling though anons

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that's a old one. Shame that all the talent has drifted away from PnD swing traders to a broad distribution base that hodls and buys
No interest in your pen today, not selling you any link. Stay poor if you like. How much of your stack did you sell? 10% Not more than that? Ouch. Silly faggot

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nah, it's not some centralized shitcoin with delegates or something, free market will dictate everything, so as the demand for the api calls grows so will the number of nodes/point of diminishing returns and of course the price

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Congratulation to everyone for tonight. We deserved a beer boys

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>Super Moon for Blue Box in the Blood

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This is ChainLink Launch Control
T minus 1 hour 30 minutes 55 seconds and counting. All elements
are GO with the countdown at this time, the countdown aimed
at landing 2 astronauts on the Moon. At this time the space-
craft Test Conductor Pepe going through some checks
with astronaut Steve Ellis aboard the spacecraft. We're
winding up this important emergency detection system test
that Sergey Nazarov has been participating in. Meanwhile,
at the 320 foot level the closeout crew now placing the boost
protective cover over the hatch now that we have completed the
cabin purge and have the proper cabin environment inside the
cabin. We have also performed leak checks to assure ourselves
that the cabin atmosphere is valid. This boost protective
cover is used during the early phases of a powered flight
and it is Jettisoned with the escape tower shortly after second
stage ignition. Here in the firing room the launch vehicle
test team's still keeping a close eye on the status of the
propellants aboard the Smart Contract launch vehicle. We're back
to 100 percent supply with the liquid hydrogen fuel in the
third stave. This problem with the leaking valve is no problem
at this time. We've actually bypassed the valve that we are
matntaining our hydrogen supply aboard the vehicle. All aspects
GO, the weather is very satisfactory this morning, a thin
cloud cover about 15 000 feet, temperature at launch time
elected to be about 85 degrees. At T minus I hour, 29 minutes,
_seconds and counting, this is /biz/ Launch Control.

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any good movie recommendations that involve trading?

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