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>my amd call limit order only lasted a day and didnt go through at open
>tmdx limit order lasted more than a day and went through at open, resulting in me catching a falling knife

Is this a common thing with brokers where you can set your limit order to last more than a day? Im still getting used to interactive brokers but apart from the chesp brokerage its a bit meme worthy

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Alright boys, whats the next hot micro / small cap meme?

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>spend my gains
>what is compound interest

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>sold zilliqa straight after ico
>only just sold my wanchain ico bags a month ago
>still holding my req ico bags
>ATH of 130k
>held all the way down to 8k
>portfolio roughly 25k
>~1/3 of the value of what my LINK wouldve been (that i bought during ico)

What is there left to do when you've made all the wrong decisions in life?

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>0.47 and dropping

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Nowadays almost never, but it's because I had a shit-tier childhood that I always compare my current, much-better living circumstances to. I still have a while before my friends start getting married en masse, but I bet the bad feels will come back around that time (unless I manage to finally get a gf by then)

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It's the one thing society judges you on in the end. If you ever become the world's richest man, all they'll ever say is "Well, where's Mrs. [your last name here]?" It's also your duty as an organism to reproduce, so if you fail to do that then you fail at life no matter how successful you are in other areas.

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Basically the few times a girl approached me during the first year I was there before everyone figured out that I was a sperglord

>I forgot what capeshit was on at the time, but there was one that just came out
>"Hey, anon! Are you gonna go watch [that movie]?"
>"nah, I'm not into cape movies"
>figured out my mistake a day later and tried asking her out. She said she has a bf (lie)

>doing my shit
>someone from my new team (at the time) comes up and starts talking to try and get to know me
>"What do you like doing on weekends?"
>give some bullshit answer that makes me look busy instead of taking the bait and asking her out

It sucks too because Tinder sucks in my area. I'm almost three years into a dry spell as far as dates go.

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>dont live at home
>zero dating life

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>graduated from neetdom at the end of 2017
>coins mooned hard a few months afterwards
>dropped in value significantly afterwards, then mooned hard again (back to ATH) a few months later
>watched as everything lost 90% of its value while i was wagecucking
>despite saving money over the last year or so im worse off than i wouldve been if i just cashed out and didnt work

j u s t

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Who here has finally accepted the JUSTing and moved on?

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Do people actually think mt. gox accounts are getting their BTC back?

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