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We're making it.

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We're not relying solely on stacking PMs. Nor has anyone here suggested that in earnest.
I stack what I can when I can for my own interest and my own reasons.
But more importantly, I'm putting as much of today's dollars into other things like real estate right now. Because I don't expect tomorrow's dollars to be worth anything.
Most important thing right now to me is to not get stuck holding any more fiat than necessary. So in my situation, planning on buying some more land soon, before the big oof.

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God damn this fucking board.

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Ok. I think I'd be checking findbullionprices.com for the cheapest cheapies before I bought a monster box.
But the closer to $10k/500 oz the more tempting it is.
On the one hand id be tempted to buy them to stock away for a long time stash.
On the other hand I could list them on eBay and slowly peddle them to normies, one coin at a time for some sick fat profits once all the NPCs flock to gold and silver at the top.
Devious I know. But I need to make a profit somehow. And there are worse ways .

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I bought 1000 LINK in 2017, I didn't understood the tech by then, I still don't understand and I barely doubled my stack in the last 6 years despite everything that happened.


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It could be. The shillbot is out in full force while spot pushes closer to ATHs.

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Depends on what *you* like, what your interested in, what you plans are.

Generally bullion bars may have at times, more options for various sizes of raw cheap bullion.
But there is a lot of options for cheap 1 oz bullion rounds too.
Depends alot on if your wanting to stack as cheap as possible with the lowest possible premiums. Or are you willy to pay a little more and get somey like BU Morgan silver dollars or vintage Silver Libertad.
Wide range of options. Best to lurk here see if anything catches your eye. Browse online dealers listed in the OP sticky to get an idea what interests you. Shouldn't take long for you to get an idea what you like.

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>take 1 dollar
>bet on roulette
>either black/red or odd/even, basically on a 1:1 payout
How likely am i gonna win 10 times in a row and get 1000 bucks?

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So what? You should try living in reality. The reason you're such a miserable person is because you want everything handed to you on a golden platter while putting in zeri effort to get there.

My answer was honest and realistic. Instead of playing along with OP's question, you lashed out with hatred towards a random person you know nothing about. Get a grip on reality and try being happy for once in your life.

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It's all toxic. You just gotta ignore the assholes. There are still a few posters that leave good info.

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I sleep 6 - 7 hours usually. Which works fine for me. The rest of your response is a cope.

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Starting a business

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>Buy a $300k house in a 95% White neighborhood right down the street from me. This house is a 3-4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, with a furnished basement and over 2,000sqft.

>Buy my dream car (a 2023 Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet Convertible) for $70k.

>Now I have a home with no mortgage payment and 2 cars with no monthly payment. All I have to worry about is insurance.

>Still have $600k leftover to invest in T-Bills, earning me an extra $31k a year, on top of my job, which is 5 minutes away from my house.

>I now have a yearly income of $100k a year, a paid off house, 2 paid off cars and I still have all of my health insurance and other benefits through my employer.

>$1 Million is nothing.
Go fuck yourself OP.

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I'm doing just fine.

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Me too.

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Peter doesn't understand the banking system (which is ironic because he owned a bank). He's been making the same predictions every year for the last 15 years and he's been wrong about 80% of the time. He has horrible timing and his ego is so big, he can't admit when he's been wrong on big issues.

I think his heart is in the right place and I don't think he's a scammer. But, the dude just isn't a good "guru" to follow if you want to understand economics, or make good financial decisions. He's a good introduction to economics, but he's small-fry compared to people like Jeff Snider, Joseph Wang, George Gammon, etc.

His podcasts are still great to listen to if you want some current updates on the latest FED reports.

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