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Now that the dust has settled I would like to go on record that I am a Melvin shill. The 7 shares I got were donated to me by BlackRock. I pretended to be a bagholder to get closer to other retarded bagholders and gain their trust. And then I dumped my bags and other people followed suit. I am getting a very big bonus for this operation. Well, they will loan the bonus to me but that's ok, I can pay it back in reasonable tranches.

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If trips GME will moon to $777.

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>every time I check the price today it's at 49 something dollarydoos
Just crab my shit up.

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"Hedgies" compete with "hedgies".

Because no evidence of it shows up during the 27-29 of January peak days. Most of the volume during those days was made up of bag swapping.

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There's literally 0 evidence that something like that happened faggot. Regulations are irrelevant. It's your dumbass hypothetical. You're literally inverting the brain dead goons who think this is going to shoot to $420,690/share.

>GME is a money printer
>akshually shorting is a money printer

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Listen to this guy, he's not drunk on hopium and greed.

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I'm waiting for some hard data.

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