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I closed my position on ONTX. I believe in the company, but this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. The conference on Monday in FL is going to be the same spiel as the one in NY. Everyone knows this, and the price is going to crash tomorrow ahead of it instead of during this time since the market is closed Monday. The conference at the end of February is purely medically related to RAS in the industry as a whole. There is not going to be anything pertinent to the stock. Once Rigosertib gets FDA approval, this stock will skyrocket. But they only expect the results from the INSPIRE trial in 1H2020...not FDA approval itself. Who knows when that will be? I don't think it's a bad idea to hold this long term...but I don't want my money locked up for potentially an entire year. I profited 4K.

Keep ONTX on your radar. I know it's a meme right now, but the upside is real and it is massive.

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morning frens, ive got 15k to spend on memes, what do?

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anons, most of you jumped into bomb or nuke.
People already mentioned it here, but listen.
Buy Void now, you will see how this is gonna skyrocket in the next days.


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