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>I've started downloading videos that are important.
my brother is doing the same thing
It is good to archive everything and to maintain accurate records (something that is getting harder and harder to do even though our technology is seemingly more advanced)

in my opinion, in the not-so-distant future, their crimes will be exposed for all to see
they are running out of hiding places and they know it
the fact that they have to continuously keep pumping out their mind-wash programming should be a hint that they are losing the attention of their target audience

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From a macro level I think that the worst cards dealt were the medicinal/food industry standards that have now been cemented into society. Am schitzo myself with a fair number of institutionalizations under my belt and it always surprised me to see just how packed with teens, youth, and even kids hospitals are in the crawl spaces of their complexes. Everyone has seen the data regarding Pfizer and friends filling scripts for nearly half the country at this point.
While it’s likely I would have been put in an Asylum in the pre-Regan era I doubt that nearly as many people would be eating as much garbage and popping so many pills just to try and function ‘appropriately’ in society.

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What about the pole reversals?
Seems like it is indeed cyclical and there have been cataclysm level events in the past

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>Also look at today's date, 7*6=42, and a full moon, there's some shit happening
Good point, didn’t even realize that.

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>So is this just a new version of reality that is about to be installed?

The reengineering of the mindset of societies to bring forth their god of this world… Thus society is manifesting this new mindset and we watch as prophesied biblically the sea shall turn terrible before your very eyes and the terrible one shall be elevated within the sea.

This sea is the sea of humanity and the terrible one is Satan; and the sea shall turn terrible… the sea of humanity, before your very eyes, and the terrible one Satan, shall be elevated within the sea…

If it isn’t clear, there is a spirit manifesting in people today.
I warned you all before when they started signalling with COVID-19



C-3rd letter
Strong's 3 = "Abaddon, Destroyer (i.e. Destroying Angel) or place of destruction (personified)."

OVID - sheep

Strongs 19 = "slaughter"

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Yeah it’s tricky though. I wouldn’t dismiss him as easily as that. The problem with sin is that it’s insidious and we are all capable of being corrupted. The moment we think we’ve made it and we’re safe and drop our guard is the moment we lose it.
All it takes is one mistake.
There is an infinite number of ways to do something wrong.
There is only one way to do something right.
And we have to always choose the latter and avoid the former.

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>now they are going to militarize the police even more.


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You're still browsing /biz/ without owning LINK.

1000eoy if FUD

May is coming right around the corner, these last few weeks will be your last chance to get your stacks cheap.

Don't be a noLINKer and lose.
You've been warned.

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I feel so alive

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