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Welcome to the SNS-1 general, the first SNS on the ICP. The first true web3 DAO in history.

Only on the Internet Computer can DAOs control 100% on-chain hosted dapps. Proposed improvements can only be made upon the approval of token holders. SNS-1 is the first and only DAO that can natively hold BTC (more in the future).

Total Supply: >9 999 (deflationary)
Market Cap: ~$2m
Treasury: ~$620k
Sui/Make It Stacks: 1/10 SNS-1

>Current Token Utility
0.00001 SNS-1 is burned per transaction
0.1 SNS-1 is burned per rejected DAO proposal

>Active Proposals
Motion to build the Encrypted Bounty System
Remaining Voting Period: 3 days 23 hours
Accept Votes: 11%
Reject Votes: 5.5%
Potentially the most divisive proposal thus far. This proposal motions to design an optional randomised encryption system for developers that wish to create proposals without revealing the full code to be stolen, and revealing half of the code to show proof that the work is complete. The encryption is randomised, making it impossible for developers to intentionally release and get paid for half-finished work. The encrypted half of the proposal is revealed when payment is released to the developers, and a second voting period follows where the DAO can audit the full code and choose whether to implement it or not. This proposal has received a lot of criticism from community members who wish for developers to trust to be paid by the DAO, whilst another section of the community believes a trust-less framework such as this is fundamental to the DAO.

>Latest Bread
Anons working on a frontend
A group is in talks with a team of devs to start work on the stablecoin protocol




>DSCVR Portal

>Taggr Realm

>SNS-1 OC group


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