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I would work as an engineer there, is it good? Will I get rich? And get pussy?

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none of these mining stocks are on rh anyway

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so I SHOULDN'T buy a motorcycle?

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id actually enjoy watching this...

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funny the fud crew hasnt shown up yet..

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How hard is it? If I have ZERO experience working as an engineer, just the degree, am I going to be a retard? Is it harder than engineering school? I will be working as a manufacturing/process engineer (they're used interchangeably at the plant I'll be working, I guess). How hard are these types of jobs?

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how fucked am I

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I'm not trolling or larping bros. I saw it in my dream last night. Lately I've been obsessed with crypto and call of duty zombies (yeah laugh if you want) and for some reason I was having a dream about a woman who had turned my father's childhood home into a Nazi Zombies map that we were walking around in. He was looking at all the pictures and old things he remembered from his childhood, and I pulled out my phone to check my blockfolio and saw two things, one was Bitcoin was worth $5200 and REQ was down 40%.

As soon as I woke up I checked my blockfolio (like normal) and I saw that BTC had dumped down to 5600...

What's going on here? How could that have happened? BTC has been bouncing off of 6k for a year and it's been stable at 6k for like a month, how could it have crashed the same night I have a dream about it? Is something going to happen to my dad? I'm scared...

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Is this real? I'm desperate at this point bros...

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so i had a dream about Roger Ver last night.
He was trying to bang this bitch in his room (or a hotel room) but she was not having it. It seemed that the point of view was at the end of his bed or in the doorway of his room.
Dude was a total prick - basically laughing about the situation even tho she wanted nothing to do with him - like he knew he had all this money and couldn't believe this chick wouldn't suck his fuck. (he was wearing boxers btw).
he ends up walking away and my dream moved to another subject - something about underwater ancient scrolls.

anyways, just wondering if anyone else had a dream about this douche - are we going to see some kind of news soon?

I had a dream about Vitalik a few weeks to a month ago and it was right before some news came out about him, forgot exactly what it was.

im scared, bros.

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asking how much his Ether would be worth?

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Elon is so fucking autistic lmao. He talks so slow and he doesn't ever say anything interesting, is he nervous? Does he have social anxiety? He's definitely /ourguy/ but boy he's got some severe autism.

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Back in January when the delusion was still in full swing you guys were saying you were early adopters (mind you, this is when literally EVERYONE was talking about and buying crypto).

Has the delusion worn off yet? Have you realized the show's over, and you're the final bagholders?

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I have an idea for an 8-bit game. Keep in mind I've never made a game before and the idea is a bit weird so likely zero people (including me) will ever play it, but say it did get mildly popular, what's the best way to monetize it? Ads? Donations? It would obviously be free to play but from there...?

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Is that they are built with the idea that someday someone somewhere might want to use their little thing. This is why most are unsuccessful. They are trying to cram blockchain into an already existing paradigm as if it would be a perfect fit, but as we can see form dApp usage, it's obviously failing because nobody uses any of the completed dApps.

Take the largest successful crypto, Bitcoin. It started with an idea, a decentralized digital currency. The mechanism to make this possible, the blockchain, was then created in order to create the original idea, a decentralized digital currency.

Now everyone is trying to use the blockchain for things it's not necessarily designed to be used for, and it's not working at all. People would be better off if they would do the Satoshian method of having the idea first and then creating a mechanism to facilitate that idea so that it is a unique solution for that idea. See what I mean?

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Literally nobody uses any of these blockchains, holy fuck. The only thing people do is speculate on the tokens.

How can you not see that this market is held up by delusion right now? We're all speculators, so what the fuck are we even speculating on anymore? Product after product released that literally nobody fucking uses, how is it even speculation anymore? It's like we're a group of people that still speculate about whether the sun will come up tomorrow, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow a crypto project will peak at 20 users. This shit is fucking useless. Ethereum dApps are no better, the most popular ones (excluding exchanges) have like a dozen users. This is just getting pathetic.

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I was promised my microbags would pump please pump my bags

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I got a summer job working in a factory, I haven't actually worked in a year or two due to school. I fucking love it, I honestly can't believe it. I come home exhausted everyday, my knees hurt, the pay is horrible, but I still love it. It gives me a sense of purpose and I feel like I've accomplished something.

I realize now how much I fucking hate school and hate the whole environment and the people and the whole bubble you're in while you're there. I hate the social strivers around me, I hate the assignments, the projects, the annoying faggots that try and suck off the professor in his office hours, I hate the faggots that think they're geniuses, I really hate it all, the clubs, the sorority bullshit, the summer camp atmosphere. I like working around people that just shut the fuck up and work, they don't talk about their bugman hobbies or their favorite TV shows, I like doing practical work and I like actually seeing something happen and not just plugging shit into spreadsheets. I like the people I work with, they're not fucking faggots that complain or whine about the latest trend, they're just working class normal people with families. I was even racist but I enjoy working with the spics, the girls are cute and nice and the guys work hard. I like the boomers as well.

I was a good student, have a full ride to a state school due to good SAT/ACT scores, but I fucking hate the schooling environment. I wish I had found this out earlier. I really am disgusted by all the people that push so hard for the college meme and I hate them for making me waste so many years of my life being depressed and alone in a place I absolutely hate.

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So... is matched betting still a thing?


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