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Reddit top threads are about crypto being a scam this has to be the bottom right?

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Left has better regularized layouts and likely more efficient in sales. Right will have progressive shrinking floorplate with inconistent light opening due to radial form not reflecting solar positioning. Left can better generate suite plans at edges while maximizing the number of keys of other rooms. Patterning is better on the right, but causes concerns that there will be intermittent spaces that have blocked views. Also are those "green spaces" becuase most of that vegitation, with the little surface area it covers, will be dead very quickly. Left also seems better incorporating to refuge/mechnaical floor systems, right is a bit of wishful thinking of conistent form top to bottom, I suspect left is cheaper to build. Any city would go with left on closer inspection, even though right has a bit more potential. I'd avoid exposed aluminum or aluminum finishes, though since this looks like toronto, you might not be able to avoid it. Also where is the opacity? These spaces will need to be covered up per energy codes. The facades on both are basic and I'd personally like to see a bit more textural composition. Right, hive like it may be, still is basic. I'd like to see sample floor plans to better make a final decision on the exterior composition.

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Where can I buy Ethereum with a Revolut card?

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Why do 72% of retail investors lose money

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If I bought DOT i would be up 40x at least in the past 6 months, instead I bought ETH.
Should I just kms?

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>lol crypto
Shirley you guys know by now that the same people that pump and dump crypto are the same that pump and dump your stocks.

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Bought @1.45 and holding

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I have 1000 STA
when STA reaches $100 USD I will have 100k USD
making money is that simple, all I have to do is wait

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how do i profit from cosplay

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wtf is wrong with the stonk market?

Is it sick?

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>933 gwei
what the fuck bros, is this the highest gwei has ever been?

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I can't seem to get a straight answer from dyor or fellow anons. Someone threw the term blockchain agnostic at me but I'm still unclear.
Also, what exchange will let me do limit buys/sells? Coinbase seems pretty limited to basic stuff like raping me with fees.
>don't want to rely on VPN

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>only 1.3 btc

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Sundays have been dumping pretty much every time for the past month and a half. Are we really that paper handed?

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Oh fuck I've just realized it's time for burgers to wake up. We could see another pumping in a few hours. Usually burgers pump and europoors dump.

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>There is a person that sold CRBP at 3.42
>Below the bid

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guys wtf, i’ve made so much money doing absolutely nothing betting on shitcoins. This feels like a cheat in the system. why do so little people know about this?

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why is link up

i was told link is a bear market token

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Idk how to decide which picks itt are good and which are garbage

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>tfw I spammed NAK all weekend here
>Its up 25%

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what if blockchain offline
where coin go?

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Is this a post from the future when amc is $420?

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since a couple higher level players got screwed over do u guys think the devs will do a rollback

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what if (((they))) dump our corns in revenge?

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